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Why I took a break from blogging.. 

Why I took a break from blogging.. 

A few weeks ago, I’d had enough. I’d lost all motivation and was super frustrated about what I’d seen on Twitter that evening. I want to write about it today- not negatively to or about anyone, but just as a way to express it and then move on to enjoying writing again. 

A few weekends ago, I’d spent an evening reading other blogger’s posts. I often struggle to find time to write my own so to have some time to read others was a pleasure. It was giving me inspiration on future posts I could write, providing me tips on where to buy some new clothes and bargains and it was just lovely and relaxing. Plus, I do love commenting and liking blog posts as I know it makes people feel good when genuine comments are posted. 

I then scrolled across a blog post of someone I follow and I read the whole post..twice. It was written from a frustrated blogger who believed that blogger’s should use their voices more and be discussing the more important things in life and not writing about flat lays or beauty etc (this is paraphrased FYI). I respected the authors opinion about using their own voice for the greater good because that’s an amazing thing if you can do that however then one thing that stuck in my head was the opinion that ‘blogger’s should..’

Blogger’s should what? The phrase seemed alien to me. I believed that by writing a blog, you were being given the freedom to write about anything you want. The freedom to use your blog as an escape for some, as a way to express themselves or a way to network to some others. I believed that everyone had a blog for their own reason and that nobody really had to justify it. Isn’t that the beauty of blogging?

 Beauty.Fashion.Health. Mental Health. Travel. Work. Entrepeneurship. Politics.Poetry. Stories- the list goes on!! 

The post itself had attracted support from both sides of the argument, especially on Twitter. My feed was full of the blogger’s I follow feeling the need to justify their blogs and their pictures and their self made flat lay backgrounds that they were proud of and so should be rightfully for its their blog- surely? It left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. The Twitter feed that I relied upon so heavily as a positive base and community structure didn’t feel so positive and although I’m all for opinions, debates and expressing yourself, I just don’t like being told what to do when it comes to my blog.

So I took some time away from it all to refresh my blogger’s brain and to think about why I do it. I could write it below but so I really have to? Maybe I could just write what I felt and enjoyed doing so❤️

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  • I’m with you, I really do believe that blogging should be about what you’re passionate about. Some are passionate about beauty, make up etc, others like to write about travel, or poetry, some talk about what they got up to, and some do want to use their blog as a platform to talk about the ‘important things’, but you shouldn’t tell others what to blog about. It’s your own little piece of the internet. As long as you’re not being negative or rude, what’s the harm right? Welcome back to the blogging world by the way 🙂

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