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Shirt dress me up! šŸ‘—

Shirt dress me up! šŸ‘—

Finally, the sun is coming out and the coat has been put back in my wardrobe! Don’t get me wrong, I adore winter and being all shnug in a big coat and a hot chocolate in hand however I need some Vitamin D back in my life! I’m not the biggest fan of summer fashion because I feel it’s often directed to the flat tummies I envy so much but also for more of the petite woman. 

My body isn’t at its best and the thought of summer is panicking me slightly (not enough to stop me eating Creme eggs and Jaffa cakes of course) however I’m sure me and my rolls will get through. What I do love however is spring fashion because you can be comfortable enough to show off some skin but don’t feel the need to remove almost every part of clothing! What I’ve become a fan of this year is the shirt dress. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are well..not too appealing however I have come across a few recently that suit my body shape just right and are suitable for both casual days at work as well as on the weekends.

The one I picked up more recently was a charcoal colour (still haven’t moved from winter colours clearly!) and was from Oasis. I actually picked it up in one of my favourite sales- yes House of Fraser, you beauty šŸ¤—. 

It’s light enough for spring and summer but also a good quality which I find difficult to find on the high street sometimes. When I say good quality I mean decent enough material that you can’t tell what colour underwear I have on! It’s cute with little buttons and a tie waist to show off my waist area and I am just made up with it! It was on sale for Ā£25 from what I remember and I’ve seen a few others- I have my eye on a nice khaki one in Tesco which I’ll no doubt be picking up soon. 

Anyone else purchased any lovely shirt dresses recently? Let me know details as I’m not against growing my collection šŸ˜. 

Happy shopping! 

All scribbled out ā¤ļø

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