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Review: Worklife Balance Planners

Review: Worklife Balance Planners

Good evening/almost night to my fellow bloggers! 

I’ve had the toughest week after receiving some bad news and although I’m feeling slightly more positive now, I felt everything was all over the place and that I was, bit by bit, losing control of some things. Luckily this week, I also received my new planner so in perfect timing, I could write everything down and feel more sane again. 

This planner is something a bit different to any other planner I’ve had before and for that, I love it. The Worklife balance planner does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s there to support you in all aspects of your life. If you’re like me and quite an organised person, I normally write things down and use diaries and journals to do so. This means I have about 8 notebooks with information in but all in different places and i can’t have an oversight of exactly what I’m doing with my whole day. 

The lovely people who created the planners came to realise that trying to manage a business whether it be a self-employed business and also a family/personal life was something of a very big challenge. They knew what they needed but they needed to design it with an edge so that it would really work. I’ve tried out this planner for the past few days and I can see so much potential in it and I’m super excited to continue using it knowing it will help me feel more in control. 

With control comes happiness, mindfulness and may I add, a bit of sass. Yes! I do feel like a woman on a mission once I’ve filled it out and I love that feeling. In fact, the picture below at the end shows how I filled it out and I must say, I got more done today than most Sunday’s which shows you something! I also love the fact that I’m supporting a small business to grow and investing in them as well as myself. I love products where the end result is actually effective and where the customer focus is so spot on that it feels like a compliment that they are trying to help you! 
The planner consists of a number of different sections and I’ve written a few below; 

  1. Focus of the day: when juggling work, blogging, personal and social life it is often easy to forget what the most important thing of the day is. The planner provides a little box for each day to remind yourself which is perfect for me. 
  2. I am grateful for: The planner is so personal that it allows you to enter what your grateful for that day. After the week I’ve had, it’s certainly my family. This cute little box eased my stresses and put everything into perspective. 
  3. To do list personal & work: The main issue I have with planners is space. I have big chunky handwriting and I like to write detailed notes and this planner allows me to do that! It also splits the to do list into two sections; work and personal which allows you to have great oversight of your day but also to keep them separate and not to confuse whether you’re accompanying your team member to a meeting or dropping them off at nursery. 
  4. Quotes, quotes and more quotes: My favourite bit. I live and breathe quotes and the planner pages have a motivational quote for each day! Wooppeee! Time to get my motivation on! 

I find this planner so helpful for blogging as it means I no longer have to miss out on Twitter chats, I can really plan my blog posts ahead and it would be perfect for bullet writing. Worklife balance planners are currently on Kickstarter and are appreciate of any funds raised to help them reach their dreams of supporting planner lovers and changing the planner world one page at a time. If you’d like a planner yourself or would like to learn about them then you can do so by clicking here

All Scribbled Out! ❤️

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