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Oh those travel blues… 🌎✌🏼️🛫❤️

Oh those travel blues… 🌎✌🏼️🛫❤️

It is a truth universally acknowledged that once you have spent a few months travelling, you are subject to that oh so ghastly travelling bug. It actually hasn’t hit me for a while- new job, new home and lots to focus on sort of put it at bay but when you start looking at the photos and videos of your former tanned and smiley self, you suddenly don’t feel so free..

That feeling of freedom and adventure is one I am so grateful of having experienced. I do feel lucky to have travelled a large part of the world in the short space of four months. Travelling blues? Surely not, I said as I was preparing for my trip. Oh how I was wrong! The treatment? Book a god damn holiday before you weep into the old receipts and boarding passes you kept as keepsakes. 

I used this afternoon to merge some videos together as a way of looking back so thought I would share it. I travelled a few years ago now however I’m considering writing some posts about my experiences and where I stayed as I feel it would keep my memories alive! 

Hong Kong, Vientam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, America & Canada. All within 4 months. 

So check out my little video below- apologies of the quality, only learning how to merge videos together now and have a long away to go! 

Time to go and book another holiday I think! 🙈

Happy Easter everyone- all scribbled out ❤️

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