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Fast Play VS. Teddy Velvet ❤️

Fast Play VS. Teddy Velvet ❤️

It doesn’t matter how much I try different lipsticks, I just can’t beat MAC. I know everyone is different in what they look for in a lipstick however after having tried many brands, they left me with dry lips and faded within an hour or so. MAC really is the game changer for me! 

I love how creamy their lipsticks are. Once applied, I feel like they are keeping my lips hydrated which is great for me as personally, I have very dry lips and often find them peeling. The lipsticks also last a long time and don’t go soft in the heat of my car when driving to work! 

My favourite shades are definitely Fast Play which is a reddy yet neutral look and also velvet teddy which is perfect for everyday occasions and compliments my face if I’m wearing heavier than normal eye make up. I feel that Mac lipsticks are super easy to apply also and just glide one which is perfect for someone like me! 

I also love Body Shop lipsticks but they fall slightly under my MAC ones. If I had to pick out of the two shades, I would go for Velvet Teddy as it’s ideal for whatever I’m wearing and it suits my pale skin perfectly. I’m not a fan of people wearing lipsticks shaded the same colour as their skin, I prefer it a little darker. 

I’ll be buying some more MAC lipsticks shortly- does anyone have a favourite or one they can recommend? What are your favourite lipsticks and why?  Let m know, it may shake up my lipstick choice! 

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