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Creme egg brownies-a must try!

Easter is fast approaching and for anyone that knows me- I love a good Creme egg. In fact, I have a few months sulking when they disappear off the shelves because they just taste so darn good. If anyone has an Easter bake sale or is just in the Easter chocolatey mood then I would like to share with you a BBC food recipe that I cannot recommend enough. 

The end product is a chocolatey gooey goodness that will crave you wanting more and more- and it is Easter after all so a few (all.. Eat them all!!) chocolate brownies won’t do too much to the waistline.. Right? Only joking, if you’re like me and trying to keep fit then maybe do a few more minutes on the treadmill after giving these a go!! 

I’m very much a fan of BBC recipes because they are simple, easy to read and always seem to end up in my recipe cookbook to use again.  When I tried these brownies they came out great- please see the picture below. That’s why I wanted to share it all with you! Let me know how you get on or if anyone else wants to share any yummy dessert recipes! 
My finished product!! Yummy! 

Enjoy giving these a go! I’m sure the office/kids will love you for it! 
All scribbled out x 

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