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Brexit bothers

I’ve been wanting to write about Brexit for a while now but each time I go to, something new comes on the news which makes me re-evaluate my opinions and general stance on it. I woke up on my 25th birthday to find out that UK had left the European Union which to completely honest- was a bit of a shock. Now I know this blog could potentially be read by people from all different walks of life and from maybe even different countries so I’d love to hear your stances on it in the comment section. 

For me, I always said that I thought we would leave. Did I actually 100% believe that? No I did not! For me, remain was the safer option and I felt I didn’t have enough information (actual facts, not scaremongering tactics) to base my opinion on leaving the EU. I read the news, I watched the debates, I listened to those around me and for me, I thought my vote was right at the time and I still stand by it now. However, I completely understand those that wanted to leave. 

My Dad said to me: if we were outside of the EU and we were voting whether we wanted to join it or not- would you want to join it? Brilliant Question! This one got me thinking a lot. I probably wouldn’t want to join it however having already been in it, the financial, social and overall general risk of leaving it was enough for me to plant a big fat cross in the remain box on the ballot when June 23rd came around. 

What’s happened since that day will be written in history/politics books across the next few years and will be studied for decades if not centuries. UK politics have fallen to shit. We had David Cameron immediately resign, we had Brois Johnson as favourite for the next PM however this was short lived after Gove stabbed him in the back and wanted to run himself. We had Theresa May stand up and confidently state that she would be best for the role and the Labour Party- well they are as messed up as my current sock drawer (which is seriously messed up and needs a complete reorganisation! Where have all my socks gone?!!!!) 

So all this has been unfolding over the last few weeks. Theresa May was announced today to be the next Prime Minister of my country. Quite happy about this- not only am I rooting for girl power reasons but I feel she is firm enough to make strong decisions. The right ones? Only time will tell. But surely this means article 50 will soon be triggered? Imagine the markets then? I feel they are just about recovering from the shock of the referendum result yet I feel the day article 50 is triggered, this will plummet again. 

I think for me, my country doesn’t feel quite right at the moment. There’s something missing or something that feels a bit off. You know when you have a complete chocolate binge and then you just over do it and feel sick for a few hours and completely regret the decision to scoff those last few Jaffa cakes when you knew it was always going to end badly? That’s where I feel the UK is at the minute. A big fat chocolate hangover however rather than lying down, changing into your comfy tracking and letting everything breathe- we keep eating more Jaffas and let’s face it, vomit central is just around the corner. 

I guess what I’m saying is, the level of uncertainty remains like the smell of McDonald’s in your car. It’s going to take a while to recover and fix this one. What scares me more however is the level of violence and hate that has come as a result of the referendum. So for the small minority who voted leave for racist reasons and yes it is a very small minority- why do you feel you have power all of a sudden? Ticking a box to leave the referendum does not give you the right to tell people to go back to their own country! The stories I have heard have shocked and upset me to the core. London is so multicultural and yet small minded idiots still try it! 

I’m patiently awaiting some answers but feel ill be waiting a long time! 

I’ll keep you updated on my thoughts. 

All scribbled out x

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