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London from the sky

London from the sky

I have been living in Surrey for a number of years now and I’m lucky enough to have wonderfully quick links into London. This means that whenever I have friends or family visiting, we often head into The Smoke and have a day of exploring. One of my token places to go is my favourite view of London and it just happens to be way up high.

The Sky Garden is also known as the Walkie Talkie building for its similarities in shape and colour and after a few security checks and a quick elevator whizzing up 35 floors, you reach a place of tranquillity and style. The Sky Garden is home to a funky area filled with landscaped gardens which are gorgeous in colour but also very well looked after. There are restaurants, bars and tables around the top floor which then leads out onto the observation deck. I have visited The Shard before and I absolutely loved it, but the difference here is that you get to see the beauty of The Shard in its full monstrous capacity. It’s often the first thing you see and if you’re lucky enough to go on a day with a bit of sunshine then you’ll be able to see so much further.

As you walk around the Sky Garden, you’ll see the named attractions on the glass windows pointing you to some of London’s best and most famous attractions. This makes it easier for you to show your visitors exactly what is where and helps make you look more knowledgeable than you may be- this was definitely true in my case! The view is 360 and you can therefore see so much of the beautiful city and you can take it all in whilst treating yourself to a glass of bubbly or in my case, what was a delicious brownie.


Reasons to visit:

  1. The biggest pro? It’s free! How often can you say that about main attractions in London? Not very often. If you’re looking to break the day up with some stunning views but wanting to keep budget friendly- this is your place!
  2. Location! Location! Location! With Monument as the nearest tube station, you have loads more to do in the area and are minutes walk from Tower Bridge, Tower of London, The Shard, London Bridge, Butlers Wharfe and Borough Market. A whole day out there for you!
  3. The tickets are phased meaning that you’re not surrounded by the masses- there is plenty of space for you to have a relaxing time without being nudged in the ribs every two minutes.
  4. You can go morning, noon or night. They even do yoga some mornings! Definitely my next trip will be involving this!

Things to consider

  1. Trying to get tickets can sometimes be difficult. They are available to book a week in advance and usually come out on the Monday morning however there is no set time for this. My tip? Refresh, refresh, refresh! They tend to go quickly however as long as you don’t forget on the Monday, you should be A-Okay.
  2. There are some spaces for on the day visitors in the week and I’d recommend checking the website for these times as they may change.
  3. Hungry? They have you covered. You can visit the Sky Pod Bar or the Darwin Brasserie but you’ll need to book in advance. I have yet to try these but I’ve only heard good things.
  4. You will go through a security check so be careful of what liquids you’re taking through. They tend to be okay with sealed bottles or cans but are understandably wary of alcohol passing through.


So, if like me you’re absolutely sold on this idea and would like to learn more or book tickets then you can find all information on the Sky Garden website.

If you’ve been before or are now booking a trip then let me know your thoughts!

Soph x


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