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Book Review: Am I Normal Yet?

I’m a big fan of reading- once i’m swept up in a good book, it’s all I think about for days. But there are some books that stay with you for longer whether it be just because it’s a great book or maybe because it pulls on your heart strings.

This book was called ‘Am I Normal Yet’ and it was written by the Author Holly Bourne who is an extremely talented writer which can be seen her perception of OCD in this book. The book is about a young girl called Evie who suffers with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and who is trying to live her normal teenage life of school, friendship groups, parties and boys. For those that don’t know about OCD in its extremities then this is the book to read. It sheds light on the brutality of OCD and how it can take over a life and the way someone thinks but the way this book has been written contrasts this sharp honesty with a tasteful amount of humour and acceptance. Acceptance that OCD isn’t a ‘freak’ type of disorder- it’s mental health in one of it’s purest forms and that the people who suffer from it haven’t done anything wrong nor they do deserve to have it.

I know someone very close to me who suffers from OCD as well as other mental health problems and they are wonderfully brave. This book meant the world to me that someone has taken the time to write it but also slightly broke my heart as I came to understand the thought processes behind it. I read it on holiday in Croatia and spent the final hour on the plane reading the last chapter- I then broke down into tears. It will pull at your heart strings whether you know much about OCD or not, but if you already do then be prepared to have some tissues near you.

The importance of raising awareness of OCD and mental health is as important now as it ever has been. Books like this are a brilliant way of doing it and I would recommend this to many people. Whilst reading this however, I did think about reading it from the viewpoint of someone with OCD and I did wonder whether this book would trigger something in them which could spark their OCD off. Of course, it hasn’t been written with this intention at all but I would say to be fully prepared before reading it.

I look forward to reading more of Holly Bourne’s books as I believe there are further stories off the back of this one.


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