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What’s in my make up bag?

What’s in my make up bag?

Hello you wonderful lot! 

I’m in the process of moving over to my own domain which is super exciting but very nerve wracking so I thought I’d write a post to keep me happy and calm! 

Today’s post is about what you could find in my make up bag! My girls bought me the cutest personalised make up bag from Not on the high street and I’m obsessed with it. Trying to keep it free from make up stains is hard though- anyone else have this issue?! 🙈 

Make up bag! My lovely bag is a grey (obsessed with grey) colour and is a suede material with my name printed on in a gold shiny font- love it? Yes, me too! 

Bourjois Paris Powder- Okay so this is my new favourite powder without doubt! I hate powders that are flaky and not even and this meets all my requirements! It fills in the gaps that it needs to but it doesn’t coat my face in layers which is what I love. It’s a great powder and super light- definitely recommend it. It’s their healthy balance product and that describes it perfectly! 

Ecotools Brushes- I bought these recently from Boots and they are wonderful. There are 5 brushes in there for your everyday essentials. They are quite small which is absolutely wonderful for taking to work with me or on holiday so you’re not having to lug around a big bag of brushes. They are really good quality, give you a lovely light look and have the cutest, prettiest designs. My first purchase from Ecotools and will definitely be buying more from them. 

Benefits High Beam Highlighter- There aren’t many girls I know that don’t have this little beauty in their make up bag! It’s spot on! It’s tiny but lasts ages, is a wonderful shade of pink and just gives your a lovely light shimmery look which is perfect for summer. If you don’t have this, you need it! 

Foundation of the gods- I can’t get better than this at the moment! MAC face and body foundation is the answer to all my foundation problems. It gives a great coverage, matches my skin tone well and I know I keep saying this, but it’s really light! I love my make up to feel light and airy- who wants a heavy face?!!

Collection Eye Brow Kit- This is one of the cheapest I’ve found and one of the best too. Honestly, people spend a fortune on these eyebrow kits but for me, this is all I need. With a trio of colours to best suit you, an eyebrow brush and a mascara to keep them in shape! Yay for this kit! 

Revolution Root Cover Up- Make up for my hair! Sadly, grey hairs run in my family so I need to be ready for when those wirey buggers show themselves and this kit is great for it. I’m currently debating whether I prefer a root spray but for now, this is absolutely fine! 

What’s in your make up bag? Let me know as I’m always looking for tips! 

All Scribbled Out! ❤️

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