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To heel or not to heel.. There’s actually no question!Β 

To heel or not to heel.. There’s actually no question!Β 

After seeing the uproar on my television a few months ago about the apparent need to wear heels in the office, I went straight into disappointment mode. For those that don’t know, Nicola Thorp who worked for a finance firm was sent home from work without pay all because she had flat shoes on. Yes, that’s right- flat shoes. I mean, can you imagine the horror?

The company she worked for confirmed that they do expect women to wear heels between 2 and 4 inches high. So let’s look at this in terms of performance..

  • Will wearing heels to work make Nicola more knowledgable about her role and help her to succeed any further than I’m sure she already does. Eeeerm, no.
  • Will wearing heels increase her efficiency to carry out her role at work? Nopeee.
  • Are companies forcing women to wear heels for aesthetic and sexist reasons? Oh, hell yes! 

Speaking as a 6ft tall woman who chooses not to ever really wear heels because I don’t feel comfortable in them for a number of personal reasons, I refuse to believe these conversations are still happening. There are so many talented, strong, dedicated women in this world who want to be able to go to work, work hard and be appreciated for their brains and their hard work and yet there are people who want to look past all that and focus on how heels make women look and enforce their quite frankly disgusting rules upon society. 

So the government has rejected the calls to have this overturned in the workplace- quelle surprise! 

I’ll be watching this closely with the hope of further work to squashing this and to allow freedom to the feet for all women who prefer not to wear them. And of course, those that want to wear heels should also feel comfortable in continuing to do so. Any updates and I’ll let you know so watch this space! 

Let’s face it, it’s not so much a case of Heels Vs. Flats but more Aesthetics Vs. Talent? 

What do you think of the debate? πŸ€”

You can read more here: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/high-heels-bosses-force-women-government-decision-rejects-law-change-nicola-thorp-a7696391.html

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