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The Chanel effect 

I’ve never really been one to wear red lipstick because I’ve never been able to apply it properly and a red lipstick is one you need to make perfect. Unlike a pretty pink, red shows your true skill. Also, my lips aren’t even and with on slanting down and disappearing into.. well.. nowhere, would you blame me for not having the balls to put it on?! 
A very lovely lady suggested I should try it and wanted to try it on me. She also said that a lot of people have uneven lips- not sure if this was true or if she wanted to make me feel better but either way, it calmed me down. Now, if you’re going to pick a bold red for the lips, surely there is only one option? Of course, Chanel. 

As with most make up artists, she cleansed my lips  to ensure they were ready for the app and she began to apply the colour. Straight away she told me I would love it and that it brought so much colour to my face. When I checked the mirror, I took a big deep breathe at just how bright it was but then after angling the mirror in a few different angles, I felt this surge of confidence. I rustled up my hair and I applied a little more blusher as it had been a few hours since last applying some.

The next step? Walking through the office. Everyone would notice the bright change but I embraced it and they loved it! I had compliments all day and people kept pushing me to go out and buy some. The drive home involved some extra loud singing with a few checks in the mirror to admire the new lips that had brought a party to my face. I even had a waltz around Tesco’s and felt great- this will now be known as the Chanel effect.

I didn’t catch the colour but I will try to find it out. The packaging was lush and the colour brought a whole new level of sophistication to my life. Now I need to practice applying a red lip look before going too overboard- I still want to make sure I’m doing it right. 

Any tips from you lovely readers? 

So all in all, red is my new fave and I’m looking forward to my next purchase! 

Thank you Chanel, you wonderful confidence booster, you. 

All scribbled out -x 

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