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Sunshine and crumpets 💕


Don’t we all just love a Saturday morning? A relaxing lie in and knowing that we still have the rest of the day and then Sunday to enjoy before Sunday evening fear kicks in and we are back off to work. Well my Saturday morning was just lush.

I woke up and rolled over to see the face of my favourite person wishing me a good morning. After finally waking up and stretching about a billion times, I wandered downstairs to make myself and the other half some breakfast. Warbutons Crumpets (because there is no comparison) with a sweet dollop of jam served along with a glass of Tesco’s Exotic Juice which is just divine. I could feel the warm sunshine belting through the window onto my skin and for a moment I just stood there. We hadn’t had sunshine that warm for some time which is expected as it is winter (duh!) but it just made me feel bloody great!

What is it about sunshine that makes people happy? Personally I think it’s the prospect that summer is on its way. Summer normally means plans. Picnics in the park and sunbathing, jetting off to a new destination and exploring, late nights kicking a football around on the field and my all time favourite- the BBQ/pub garden feeling! If you were asking for the equation to happiness, my first thought would be sunshine. And then maybe wine and chocolate..

This spurge of happiness then (along with my boyfriends help) pushed me to the gym. I had the vision of bikini weather in my mind and I was working out on that cross trainer like a puppy working for a treat. Even now whilst I’m writing this, the sun is shining through my window as the sunset begins. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that during the winter I’m sat here in a depressed state! It just means that there is something about the sunshine that makes you want to make plans and memories.

All those feelings from a glass of juice and a couple of crumpets hey! Off to enjoy the last of sunshine.

All scribbled out! X




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