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Squats or Jaffas…

Squats or Jaffas…

It’s Monday. I had very little sleep last night and waking up this morning was painful not only because I realised it was in fact Monday but also physically painful after I begun to work out again. Yes, that’s right- I got off my butt and did some squats. And lunges. Some burpees too. And some skipping. 

Okay so you get the point! I was doing well last year going to the gym and for a good few months I felt in good shape and happy with my body. I was so happy that I ended up buying an apartment and moving in with my boyfriend which resulted in my free time being spent doing up our apartment, shopping and well..more shopping. Not complaining!

So this brings us to now. I am 5 weeks into a new job and very happy although tired as it’s definitely challenging (in a good way!) I feel like now is the right time to roll out my exercise mat, blow the dust of my Dumbbells and actually sweat because of a work out rather than because I’ve eaten too many Jaffa cakes in one go. 

I’m not going to lie. I’m very unhealthy. I eat so much chocolate and sugar that I genuinely feel I’m addicted and it’s actually shameful. Not shameful enough for me to buy those heaven dairy milk caramel nibbles last night but hey.. This is a work in progress. 

So what to do? Join back at the gym where I would have to drag myself each day from an office to a room full of sweaty people? Not right now at least. I have decided whilst it’s the summer months (ahaha joke, we don’t have summer in England) and whilst it’s light, I would make the most out of my local park, the three flights of stairs in my apartment, the numerous flights of stairs in my workplace and some weights and equipment I have at home. 

It feels GREAT! I have downloaded Kayla Itsines Sweat App which is working me to my max at the moment and I have decided to boycott all elevators and only use the stairs. I would also like to eat more healthier but this aspect needs work. It feels good to be back in control and I feel an app like Kaylas gives me that structure I need to keep me going. Not going to lie- I am already dead, my muscles are crying and my stomach isn’t speaking to me because it wants all the crap I usually fill it with. I have taken a photo of how I currently look at it made me feel sad- I have lost the curvy shape I used to have which I loved. I’m not expecting nor do I want a huge transformation. I just want to feel good and be happy with myself. 

So wish me luck, please send me tips and tell me about how you cope with the muscle pains, the want to quit and how to avoid any and all chocolate! 

All scribbled out ❀️

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