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REWIEW: ASOS Tall- the game changer 

I haven’t always been tall. As I write this I am laughing at how stupid that sounds. When I was younger, around primary school age, I was actually quite small! I remember standing next to my cousins who are off similar age and wishing I could be as tall as them. It wasn’t long before that came true and that’s when I wished I’d stayed my normal average height. In the summer holidays between year 9 and year 10, we went on a family trip to Florida. We had an amazing time however in those three weeks, I shot right up! All of a sudden, I was towering over everyone in my class and everyone kept saying the same thing..

‘What did they feed you out there?’ and ‘Have your parents watered you?’ 

As you can imagine, this was met with a fake smirk from me and after a few times of hearing it, I was feeling fed up. People kept telling me that I should be a model. Looking back that’s a lovely thing to be told (definitely wouldn’t be heard now with the weight I’ve put on!) but back then I just wanted to avoid talking about my height. I was still growing and I stuck out like a sore thumb. Upon finishing school, we had a photograph of all students in my year. I was asked to stand with the guys at the back because my height matched theirs whilst all my friends were at the front. 

My self esteem was low for many years. I couldn’t find jeans to fit me, I kept pulling my cardigan sleeves down because they were always too short and as for my big feet? Ask my Dad! He spent hours upon hours driving me around to find school shoes that would fit that were actually made for women. We were unsuccessful! 

Fast forward to now and I’m a 6ft tall woman with size 9 feet and a whole lot more confidence. I’ll be honest- I still struggle with my height sometimes and I’m still subjected to people stating the obvious and wanting to make small talk about it but there has been one game changer in all of this and that is the change in fashion. Companies now cater to the taller female population and by golly are we grateful for it. For me, there has been one major company at the heart of this- ASOS. Their Tall range is forever improving and makes me feel like I can wear clothes that actually fit but more importantly, clothes that I actually like. Clothes that are fashionable and clothes that make me feel good about myself. 

I order my wide fit shoes from there. My jeans (such an amazing range), my dresses, my tops. My wardrobe is predominately from Asos’s Tall range. They have great sales, their premier delivery is one beautiful concept that I take advantage of regularly and their Instagram keeps me in the loop of their new items. Without sounding like the cringiest person in the whole of the land- it has honestly changed my life. 

I attended a work event recently and had to buy an evening gown. I bought their navy halter neck dress and was complimented all night. I felt beautiful- not something I would say often and I’m thankful to them for this. They are leading this market and it makes me feel proud to be in the 6ft club now. 

Some pics below of recent purchases! Casual, workwear and evening ❤️

I’ll be posting more soon about their products so keep watch. 

All scribbled out-x

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