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Review: Shit-Faced Shakespeare! 

Review: Shit-Faced Shakespeare! 

Okay okay okay- I thought the same? What on earth is it and what can I expect? 

We’d had a weekend planned with some friends for some time and we wanted to do something a bit different and at the last minute, the text came through. ‘Hey guys, just seen tickets for Shit-Faced Shakespeare- fancy it?’ 

Straight away, I was on my phone googling and assumed I would have to get drunk in order to watch it but no no no- boy how I was wrong. THEY GET DRUNK! That’s right boys and girls, one member of the cast is randomly selected to drink a good number of units (saying it politely- I mean get sloshed) before the show and then has to try and perform their normal lines as best as possible. To say it was a hoot is an understatement. 

We got our tickets, grabbed some wine and beers and took a seat in the cosyness that is Leicester Square theatre and waited to see who it would be. The performance we were watching was Much Ado About Nothing. Now, at school I did study Shakespeare and I was worried that because I hadn’t seen this particular play before that I would be clueless as to what was happening with all the ‘thou’s’ and what not. You really don’t need to see it- they do stick to good ole Shakespearean language however you completely understand the story.

Shall I jump to the best bit? In our performance (not wanting to give too much away) we could spot the drunk from a mile off! What a character she was! She giggled lots, she was swaying all over the shop, she was going off track and we absolutely loved it. The audience were crying in hysterics at one point and I must say, after the shitty week I’d had, Shit-Faced Shakespeare was just what I needed. The only downside is that I wish it went on for longer! 

I believe they became really popular in the Edinburgh Fringe Fesitval and I can totally see why! If you’re in London and looking for something different to do then I cannot recommend enough. Tickets were reasonable at £24pp and the show started at 7 which means once finished, you’re bang in Leicester Square and seconds away from Covent Garden to continue the night and jumping on the bandwagon by having a few drinks yourself. 

You can learn more about them by clicking here

Have you been? Or seen something similar? I’m itching to get to another one- I’ve heard they do Wizard of Oz which I imagine would be a scream! 

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