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Oops I did it again! 

You may realise that I have made a reference to good old Britney Spears on the title of this blog and may be wondering why. I’m so annoyed at myself! I wanted to keep up with my blog posts but it’s been 34 days since my last one. Sigh. 

Anyways, a month later and after a long day at work- I needed to sit down and write. My last post was about darker lipsticks and I wanted to share a review on that with you. My two absolute face lipsticks are the maybelline New York midnight plum shade for its ultra sexy sparkly look and the body shops red hot raspberry colour crush lippy. 
Maybelline have got it right with just enough glitter included as nobody wants to wear too much. Their shade is a luscious cherry colour and glides on just great. It’s dark but pinky and looks great with my chocolate brown locks when curled. My skin is quite pale and I felt with the right blusher, this worked well. The body shop have nailed their texture of lipstick! It’s super soft and doesn’t leave that waxy feel like so many others do- it’s more of a purpley colour that draws just enough attention. 

They are both £10 and under so great for those on a budget but who need their make up fix! 

I’m sure more higher end brands provide amazing matte lipsticks however for the more high street brands- these two are my absolute faves. I’ll be trying some more shades soon and will let you know my thoughts.

For now though..
All scribbled out x

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