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Oh, London!

Oh, London!

Yesterday, myself and my boyfriend took his auntie into London for her birthday. We were thinking for weeks what activity we could do to celebrate and having thought long and hard about it we decided to buy tickets for The Shard. The inner deal-obsessed woman in me was seeking an offer to maybe get brunch up there however it was all adding up to be quite expensive.

After looking for sometime, we saw that if you book tickets in advance for their 10AM tour then you can get the tickets for £15 rather than £25 which was a nice saving for us. They do allow 30 mins buffer time just in case you’re late also which I think is helpful with London traffic and tube delays.

I didn’t really know much about The Shard other than that it was very tall and was quite a posh environment however I absolutely loved the day. We jumped on the tube and got off at London Bridge; as you come up the escalator, the shard is right there. It’s that tall that you really have to crank your next and squint your eyes to see just how high it is!

We joined the queue for about 15 minutes and we then were taken through security and into the first lift. The first lift goes up 30 floors or so and then you move into a second lift which goes to the top. We were so so lucky. This week it has been raining non-stop and with really heavy downpours and grey skies so we were concerned we would never see a thing! It was glorious! It was so sunny and we could see everything; City Hall, Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster, Canary Wharf etc. It was all there and we just stood, took it all in and watched the world go by.  I honestly fell in love with London all over again- what a beautiful capital we have.

We purchased a glass of wine (Yes, 10am is allowed for birthday celebrations!) and wandered around and then once we were finished, we headed back down the lift and into Borough Market. I love it there- so much amazing food that my senses are all over the place! Super fresh fruits, the sweetest fudge and cakes and amazing meats such as crocodile, zebra and anything else you can think of. Lots of stalls cater for vegans & vegetarians also and I honestly think there is something there for everyone. If you haven’t been there yet- you must go, even just to take a look!

We ended up having lunch in Leicester Square in Bella Italia which was the cutest little one I’d ever seen on the corner however sadly the food was so so late and we were sitting there for ages. Really disappointed in it and it tasted very bland and overcooked. Never mind, it didn’t put a stop to what was a lovely day and made me feel lucky to have London right on our door step!

Some pictures below of our day but I would definitely recommend it!
Maybe next time, i’ll hit one of the restaurants there for the full experience.
You can book here: https://www.the-shard.com/viewing-gallery/

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