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Newbies R Us!

Newbies R Us!

I started a new job almost 8 months ago now and for a while now I wanted to write a post about being a newbie in a new office or work environment. It can be one of the most daunting experiences we can face, especially if you have left a job where you felt comfortable, happy and now you’re the small fish in the big pond again and starting a new adventure.

That’s the position I was in 8 months ago- I was ready for a new challenge and I had landed myself a role I’d wanted for a long time, to be a line manager to a team of people within a recruitment environment. It was my chance to really kick start the next step in my career and to use both my recruitment knowledge and adapt quickly to the new surroundings and new people I’d be managing.

I was nervous but I had to remember a few key things to succeed. Queue my newbie tips!

  • They hired you for a reason! You passed the short-listing stage, you made it through the interview process and YOU were selected for the role. Yes, you! Now, unless you have massively blagged the interview and pretended to be a completely different person- should you really be panicking? No! Take a deep breath and have some faith in your abilities.
  • Understand it will take some time! You’re not going to grasp everything straight away. You’re in a new environment. You need to learn names, pick up processes, understand systems, understand how to navigate around the building and so on..its a lot! You’re only human- piling the pressure on won’t help you and they’re not expecting you to pick EVERYTHING up on day one. Ask you manager their expectations and have that conversation, it will help you in the long run.
  • Get to know your colleagues! They will be asking you questions to make you feel comfortable but don’t forget to communicate back with them! Understand their positions within the company and what they do, you might learn a thing or two or even just make a new friend. Oooh friends!
  • Treats always help! When my mum said her tearful goodbyes to me when dropping me off for my first year of Uni, she had packed a box of chocolates for me to share with people in my block as an ice breaker and a way to make friends. Now you could take from this that my Mum had no faith in my social skills but that’s not the point here! The point is, people like food. People also like people who bring food. I almost tried to convince you it’s not bribery but that would be a lie.
  • Socials baby! Make the effort. You might not be the most social person or you might be the office’s new social butterfly. Either way, if they’re doing something outside of work and you’re invited then go along! Even if it’s just for a little bit of time- you’re spending most of your life with your new colleagues so may as well have the fun times too.
  • Post-it notes are gold dust! We all love a good post-it note don’t we? Have a stash ready in your top drawer for your colleague in need. They’ll appreciate it, trust me.
  • Be organised! If you’re on top of it and doing your best, they can’t complain. If they are complaining then understand why and work on it. You got this.


I have put these into practice since I started and I’m pretty sure they love me. Ha! Jokes, they might tolerate me but I absolutely love where I work not only because I have the faith and confidence in myself but also because I know that through me making an effort, I have been very much accepted into my new team and I no longer see myself as the newbie.


Soph x

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