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New Year, New Plans, Same me

Good evening and a big Happy New Year! 

New Years resolutions? To write more on this blog- this time, I’m going to stick to it! 

So I can’t quite believe we are in 2017 but this year feels more exciting, positive and hopeful than the rest. There’s something in the air this year that speaks change. I’m not into the whole ‘new year, new me’ thing. I know if I try to diet now, the Jaffa cakes will somehow miraculously make their way into my shopping trolley and then I end up feeling crap about myself. I think for me though, what I love about new year is getting all organised and to start making plans. Holidays, visits from friends, visiting friends, celebrating special birthdays and all sorts of other fun stuff. Another thing for me this year is to have my new apartment looking all sweet and homely. It’s on it’s way to being completed but still needs a few last minute touches. 

I celebrated the new year with family and my man last night. Was so lovely and one thing I love to watch is the firework display in London. I watched it from the comfort of the sofa last night with a glass of wine but would love to see them upfront one day. They make me proud to be British and I think they are one of the best displays in the world. Sydney and Dubai look amazing too! What a way to bring the new year in hey! 

So my mother in law bought me a gorgeous diary planner from the Kate Spade collection for Christmas and it’s absolutely lush! There is actually space to write! Crazy sentence I know but I often find diaries are so jam packed with stuff that they leave you a line to work with- not helpful! This diary is spacious, pretty and inspiring with a little to do list each month with what you could do during those 30 or so days. These are now to be known as my monthly feels! 

Time to get back to my planning! Take a look at the diary below! You can find the Kate Spade collection below! Aaaaand they have a sale on 😉

Shop: Kate Spade


    All scribbled out- x

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