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Memories in Montenegro 📸

Memories in Montenegro 📸

As you know, I’ve recently been on holiday to Croatia and having got back, I have a major case of the travel blues. I do love thinking back though on what a beautiful holiday it was so I thought, well why not write a post? Croatia wasn’t the only country we visited whilst away- we also booked a trip through our hotel to Montenegro as it wasn’t too far and we wanted to see another country and see the difference between there and Croatia. 

Our tour was coach trip based and was with a company called Select Dubronik. The large mini van came to pick us up from our hotel in Cavtat at about 8am and we were straight off to the border. We needed passports and Euros as Montenegro uses Euros now so we made sure we had these packed as we would have been rather stuck without them! The border crossing took quite some time as they were doing thorough checks and not everyone was European so visa checks were taking place also. Once across the border, we drove a lovely scenic route to the Bay of Kotor where we spent an hour walking up the bay and taking in the beautiful views- it was such a hot day also so was nice that we had air con on the coach. We also had a lovely and really informative tour guide who was telling us all about the civil war, the differences of culture between the two countries and other surrounding countries and lots about Montenegro today. She was great!

We then drove to the town of Kotor which was beautiful. It was rich with culture and history and the little side streets were dotted with quaint little handmade stores, lovely restaurants and lots of ice cream stalls which was perfect for hot days like that day. The streets were also built very well to block out as much sun as possible which meant we could dip in and out for shade when needed. Up in the hills, there was a chance to climb the city walls (very steep steps!) up to the church and the fortress which we knew would give great views. We paid the 3euro to do so but sadly with the footwear I had on, the crazy level of heat and the steepness of the steps, I decided to purch myself on a rock and take in the view from an okay distance up whilst my partner carried on to the top. One of those moments where you realise how unfit you are and that maybe it’s time for some lifestyle changes!! The views in the photo below were just gorgeous and I loved the cultural feel of the town. 

We got back to the coach and drove about 40 minutes to another town called Budva. It had a totally different feel to it as was more modern and definitely the party town of Montenegro. This town in particular had a lot of Russian influence as they have many tourists from Russia each year and lots of Russians have spent money on building business there- all you had to do was look in the port to see humongously sized Russian yachts to see what kind of lifestyle was enjoyed for those in Budva. Was a great place for us to grab some food and drink and have a wander around the port. 

We ended the day there and the coach driver took us back to our hotel after a drive back around the bay, on a scenic ferry and through the border crossing. I’d definitely recommend this tour if you’re staying in Dubrovnik or Cavtat as it was very reasonably priced and such a good opportunity to explore. After all, isn’t that what traveling is all about?! 

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