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Manchester Terror Attack πŸ’”

Manchester Terror Attack πŸ’”

I can’t sit hit here and write paragraphs about how I’m feeling because I can’t express it without getting angry, sad, emotional and then giving up. This week saw Manchester being attacked by terrorists and then targeting the most vulnerable people. Maybe this time it’s hit me harder than normal because it’s happened in the north west of England and that’s where I’m from. Maybe it’s the fact that children were targeted. Maybe it’s because I can’t believe people can be so evil. 

Instead, I’ve put my thoughts into a poem. A poem that summarises exactly how I feel about the world right now and how love will always win in a fight against hate. 
You think you can beat us, but you’ll never know

The strength of our love for even those we don’t know

A tragedy occurs, we all feel it inside 

Our loved ones, our neighbours- for them we have cried. 
A community pulls together, do you have that too? 

Of course not, you would only ever think about you

Not the families you so carelessly tear apart 

Without even thinking, where on earth is your heart? 
Ours beat together, they are warm inside 

We look after each other through compassion and pride 

We may not know those lives that are taken 

But it affects us all, our world has been shaken 
We support the families who will grieve forever more

For their loved ones who now won’t walk back through the door

The emergency services working tirelessly through the night 

The general public praying with all of their might 
We could respond with rage, we could try and ask why 

But with minds like yours, you would only horrify 

For you are not human, your hearts stone cold 

They’d have to be for you to let this tragedy unfold 
But that’s enough about you, you’re not worth our time 

Our unsung heroes are the ones that will shine 

The ones that fought and made split decisions

Who fight for us all, for equality not division 
Our cities come together, we work as one country 

How we speak about you may come across bluntly 

But why would we stand for your destruction and hate 

When we live in a Britain, a Britain that is Great 
We are part of a world, a majority who agree

We are stronger together, against you- a nobody 

We will continue this fight, the good against evil 

We will bring back normality, a world that is peaceful 
Rest in peace ❀️

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