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M.A.C – the beginning. 

So am I a lucky girl or what? I would say so.

Is it not most girls dreams to walk to your desk at work and find a box full of MAC goodies waiting for you as a thank you for your hard work? I would say so.

I have always been funny about MAC. I have always thought it would be too dark for me or to bold however having tried the products selected for my skin, I am completely sold. My confidence has soared and although I don’t claim to be a make up artist in any shape of form, I do feel like my face looks a little bit more defined wearing these products.

Within my box of goodies, I found:

– Face & body foundation (N2)

-Blushbaby blush (my ultimate fave)

-Arena satin eyeshadow

-Mineralize glass lipgloss (modest)

-Lipstick (Fast play)
There isn’t a product that I haven’t fell head over heels in love with yet. The foundation is so light on my skin which was definitely a pre assumption gone wrong on my part. The Blush baby blush is my ultimate fave giving me a wonderful coverage of soft tones but can really highlight my cheekbones if I put a little bit more on than I would do for a typical day look. The eyeshadow is a creamy light cappucino type colour and suits me just fine- I’m still at a neutral stage with my eyes and I’m happy to stay there a bit longer! The gloss and the lipstick are perfect day looks for work etc.

If I had to pick one for you to buy? The blush! I know the shade won’t suit everyone but I think the blush itself is long lasting and such a pick me up for your skin.

Not quite ready for the blue lips and troll inspired looks that MAC have out at the moment but who knows, maybe I can work my way there soon. For now though, neutral blends and light glosses have kept a big smile on my face.

What’s your favourite MAC product?

All scribbled out- x

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