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Kindness- a rare thing?

So this is my first post. Maybe a little bit heavy for my first one but why not get all those thoughts out right?

So last week at work, my colleague (a lady I haven’t known for very long) came up to me and presented me with a beautiful candle that had my name on it. I was completely taken aback as I had no idea what I had done to deserve such a beautiful and quaint little gift. She explained that she has a younger daughter who has recently started at a new school due to my colleague recently moving house. Her daughter was asking her mum about work and the new people who had started working there- my colleague explained that I was one of the new recruitment officers and that I was settling in well. Her daughter remembered this for a few days and then when shopping with her Grandmother, she came across the gorgeous little candle holder and was adamant that she wanted to buy it.

Not only just buy it however; she wanted to spend all her pennies that she had saved up from her pocket money to buy it for me. She wanted me to know that she was also the new girl and she knew how it felt. She wanted me to know that everything would be okay and to make me feel better about being the new girl. I couldn’t believe it- this lovely little girl is only 8 years old and is already thinking of others. She already wants to make others happy and she is already showing maturity beyond her years. I bought her a little thank you card for her kindness to a complete stranger.

It was after this that I started thinking about kindness. You see it on a daily basis but in a world of anxiety, stress and horrendous news stories, it can often be drowned out. Something so small made me feel so positive.

It was a few days later that I saw a post within a Facebook page from my where I grew up. A lady was commenting on how a community had come together to search for her Husky dog who had sadly gone missing. Luckily after hours of agony, they found their little friend again and he was safe but it was almost as though the woman was shocked that people could be so nice. And that’s what shocked me. Why is it now the ‘norm’ that we hear depressing, scary and outrageous things so much more than we do a happy ending? Why are we hearing so much about Donald Trump’s plan to become the next Hitler than we are about the amazing results from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and how many people suffering with MND/ALS will now feel the positive effects of the amount of awareness raised and the possibility of having the disease slowed down slightly. That is MASSIVE! Yet we focus on the numpty that is Donald Trump?

Don’t get me wrong- everyone loves a controversial story. Something to get their teeth into. Something to debate whilst in the office or during dinner with the family. I am always for a debate however I am now finding myself searching for a good news story which is..well..insane! So going forward, I’ll be posting a few happy, positive stories when I come across them to spread the cheer.

Less Trump and more Triumph I say!  All Scribbled Out xblog3


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