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It’s been a while.. 

I did what I said I wouldn’t do and I haven’t given myself enough time to sit down and write a post! The whole point of this blog was to use it as not only a therapeutic tool but also to enjoy getting back into writing again. Lots has been happening since my last blog post. Work has been crazy busy, me and the other half have been looking at houses and … I FOUND MY LIPSTICK! 

I have this amazing lipstick from the body shop which I’m just obsessed with. It is easily applied and doesn’t create any wobbly lines, it’s smooth and silky and it’s also the deepest shade of gorgeous plum- one of my favourite colours. So I lost it a while ago and was absolutely devastated and after putting myself on a tight budget and I mean as tight as your jeans after eating too many Jaffa cakes. I was cleaning my car out yesterday and came across my bonjela which was shoved down the side of one of the back seats- then came one of those moments of realisation! 

If the bonjela has made a cheeky visit towards the back seat- maybe it was joined by the lipstick? Maybe after being shoved in my handbag and thrown around all day, they figured they needed a rest and escaped? Anyways, I went for it- I put my hand down the back of the seat, felt grossed out my the amount of crumbs (I like biscuits- okay?!!) and then I felt a tube. I didn’t want to get my hopes up but sometimes a girl has to dream. Out came the shiny, mirror styled lipstick in all its beauty and it was one of them feelings you know? I knew Monday was going to be a good day. 

I’ll be writing a review shortly of said lipstick because you girls and guys needs to jump on this wagon if you haven’t already done so. If you have, I applaud you. 
Hope y’all have a great Tuesday. I promise to write some more soon! 

All scribbled out x

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