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Gym bunny 

I’m currently sitting crossed legged on my bed and trying to avoid any sudden movements having just been to the gym after work. I have never really been a gym person before and now I think I know why- it’s because I didn’t want to. Not because I didn’t want to attend or go to the gym but because I was going because it was the ‘thing to do’ and because everyone else was going. I actually hated the idea- going to a place full of sweaty people and having to work out on a machine that you didn’t want to use because others were on YOUR machine (yes they all are mine!!!) and then running to said machine when it became free. I wasn’t too bothered about my physique and I would always find more reasons not to go than reasons to go. 
Now things are a little different. I’ve recently moved to just outside of London and my life has changed quite dramatically. I have been enjoying a new job, enjoying new places and seeing my lovely other half however the there was just something missing. I was coming home and just eating and watching TV but it didn’t make me feel good. I knew it was something I had to do- find a gym and try to stick to it. I have found the perfect gym in Sunbury and I cannot believe how quiet it is! The re are plenty of machines for me to use, there are absolutely zero posers and I am free to just do my thing without wondering who is about to walk in from my high school days etc. Plus my Dad also goes to this gym which makes it kinda fun to catch up with him there. 
So I’ve been doing all cardio for the moment. I was pretty unfit and it only took 5 minutes on the cross trainer to come to this realisation!! So I’ve been going three times a week and just getting my fitness levels up. My focus points are my thighs, my tummy and my muffin tops because that’s where all my weight (mainly cookies!) end up going. I’ve been using th  crossstepper, the treadmill, the step machine and the bike. My thighs are really starting to change shape already which is a wonderful thing to see and soon I’ll introduce weights to tone up more. The biggest thing for me though is that I am actually enjoying it! I mean.. Who knew you could enjoy the gym?! 

Who knew that it was even a thing to think ‘okay, just five more minutes on the cross trainer’ when you have already done plenty! It used to be ‘Just 5 more minutes’ when in bed!! Okay, maybe it still is but what I’m trying to say is that this time it feels different because it’s something that I want. 

So we shall see how it goes! Hopefully I can put up some further success pictures soon! 

Squats, lunges and more fun things to come! 

All scribbled out! X


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