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Foundation Talk!

Foundation Talk!

I’ve had a bit of a makeup hail recently (when do I not!) but to me a makeup haul is probably very minimum to what some of you buy! I’ve seen some of your make up bags and I can only dream about having that much. To be honest, I don’t wear much make up- I’d probably cover just the basic stuff. 

So therefore, I thought I’d pick some new bits that I’ve been using to show you all and to let you know what I think. Firstly, I wanted to discuss my old foundation I’ve had for a while (MAC) and my new foundation that I’d bought for a change (Bourjois Paris) because sometimes the grass isn’t always greener..! 

I absolutely love MAC foundation. I used to recruit for MAC and would help with their recruitment and assessment days which meant every now and again, one of their interviewees needed a model- of course I ‘took one for the team‘! Who’s kidding, I put my hand up straight away! They applied the foundation and I couldn’t believe how light it felt- I also loved that it didn’t have that orange tint that so many foundations have even if you go for beige or neutral shades. It was dewy and lovely and I didn’t think I’d go for a change! 

Until.. My spots broke out. Big fat painful sores all over my face that I thought was down to my make up however in the end it was because I came off my pill and my hormones were just everywhere that my face couldn’t keep up. Before realising this, I stopped using MAC and went for an older foundation. I then switched this to Bourjois Paris after reading some good reviews.

I’m a definite believer in that some make up suits some people and reacts well their skin and that the same make up can look bloody awful on others. Sadly, with Bourjois Paris ‘Healthy Skin’ mix, this was the latter for me. The paler shades showed up orangey, the foundation was streaky and clumpy and no matter what I tried this didn’t work and it felt like my pores were drowning with the weight of it. 

Therefore, I went back to my MAC make up and all was wonderful again. I love the way it looks and the confidence it gives me and I’ll be buying some more bottles at the weekend- hooray! 

What’s your favourite foundation and why? 🙂



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