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Fijian Paradise 🌎🌞

Fijian Paradise 🌎🌞

I went travelling a few years ago and had the time of my life. I didn’t make the most out of my blog and only really wrote for the benefit of updating my family. I want to dedicate this blog post to one of my favourite places in the world..Fiji. 


Upon arrival at the airport, we were greeted by the employees there who were singing along to a cute little tune played on the guitar by a very smiley man. They were singing ‘Bula!’ and welcoming us to Fiji. We were staying at the Novotel Nadi Hotel which wasn’t far from the airport at all and only took about 5 minutes in the coach. We thought long and hard about where we wanted to stay in Fiji and in the end decided to stay mainland and then take day trips out to the islands. If I were to go again then I’d definitely explore the islands more but I felt for the first time, our plan suited us really well. 

Novotel Nadi

I loved this hotel! The rooms were lovely and spacious and we were upgraded for our week stay which we were very grateful for. The overall cost was really reasonable and the hotel was well looked after and very clean. It was a bit out of the way and you’d need to get a taxi down to the beaches ideally but that was fine for us as it was very cheap. The staff at the Novotel Nadi absolutely made out experience- they were wonderful. They helped book our day trips, they ordered us taxis back and fourth and were great to talk to. Definitely recommend staying here- even if it’s just for the food! 


South Sea Island 

We booked a day trip to south sea island from our hotel. The following morning, a coach arrived at the hotel to take us to Denarau which is a little port where all the trips run from. We jumped on a boat and I was already super relaxed. It was so hot and I was just watching the waves and looking for sea life. Once we got closer to the south sea island, we jumped on to a smaller boat which took us ashore. To say I was in paradise would be an understatement. This was even better than the films! The island was tiny! It would take many 4 minutes to walk around?! Our ticket included: 

  • Snorkelling gear (the fish were so colourful and the sea so so blue!) 
  • Deep sea snorkelling (my boyfriend enjoyed this thoroughly and saw a baby shark- not for me sadly!) 
  • Other equipment such as paddle boards, bats and balls etc
  • Access to the hammocks, deckchairs and on island swimming pool
  • The best bit: a huge lunch buffet and unlimited drinks including wine! 

Yes they actually would continue to bring me a top up of wine whilst I was floating around in ocean! Absolute heaven! 

Natadola Beach

Natadola beach was about a 25 minute journey in the taxi and was an absolute dream. The whitest beaches I’d seen, the calmest sea to cool down in and so much beach and not many people. This was probably one of the hottest days we spent there! You’d be crazy to miss out on this beauty so definitely recommend it! 

Denarau Beach

This is where you’ll find the main hotels such as the Sofitel etc. It’s a lovely little area which a nice beach and the chance to have cocktails, food and walks along the beach. Most tourists staying on mainland will stay in this area for its great hotels and access to the islands! The beaches aren’t as white as the islands but just as nice to be on. 

Sea Spray

We decided it would be a waste to come the whole way to Fiji and not see where castaway was filmed! And if you’re going to do it then you have to do it in style. We went on a catamaran called Sea Spray full of food and unlimited drinks until we reached the island called Modriki island which is where castaway was filmed- WILSON! We went snorkelling which I found much harder as the sea was choppier this time around and my flippers kept coming off! Beautiful island though and left in its natural form. After a BBQ and drinks back on the boat, we made our way to Yanuya island which was an eye opener. We met the locals who lived there and visited the local school where although materials and facilities needed lots of attention, the people were happy and grateful for what they had. All the children were waving and smiling at us. It was such a beautiful day! 


  • This is the company we booked our day trips with! They are perfect if you are on a budget and not able to stay on the islands. They are called South Sea Cruises and I couldn’t fault them: https://www.ssc.com.fj/day-cruises/south-sea-island/
  • If you decide to head into Nadi town- don’t have too high hopes. It’s nothing special and I didn’t rate it too much but nice for a wander round. 
  • Everyone runs on ‘Fiji time!’. This is where there is no real rush and everyone takes it at their own pace which I love because you naturally just feel relaxed! 
  • You must go! It’s such a wonderful country to experience! 

All Scribbled Out ❀️

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