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Fave buys of 2016 ❤️

Fave buys of 2016 ❤️

Hello and a happy Saturday to you all! 

I wanted to pop down some of my fave buys from the last year- mainly the last few months and share them with you. I do love a good shopping trip but nothing beats it when you have been looking for something for months and then boom.. Your dream coat just shows itself like the sword of gryffindor. I may not have had the pressure of filming and destroying horcruxes but I was facing the challenges of buying a new winter coat! Below are 4 of some lush purchases I’ve made and that are still available if people fancy them! 
Winter Coat Love: As a 6ft tall lady (lady.. 🙊), I find it difficult sometimes to buy coats as I need the sleeve length but also some flexibility for my stupid broad shoulders! I’d ordered one from New Look Tall and it was so unflattering. I felt like giving up but then I walked into Next in Kingston when doing a tad of Christmas shopping and just as I was leaving the store, I spotted this long grey dreamy coat that made me want to put it on and never take it off. So that’s what I pretty much did! It’s not even a ‘Tall’ coat but fits me great, is super amazing quality and I’ve had the best compliments when wearing it. It suits for casual wear with converse and cute jumpers but also looks wonderful with work clothes and a more formal mood. It’s super warm, has a lush wrap around tie belt and I just love love love it. It cost £90 and is worth every penny! 

A little something extra for the boy: I had bought my other half some presents for Christmas but just wanted one more thing to make the day extra special. I can never stop buying for other people! I noticed that his wash bag was a little overused and old and I came across a beaut one in Ted Baker. I love Ted Baker stuff, the colours, the quality and the cute little gift bags they come in. It’s real leather, smells great and is a nice size to pack loads of goodies in for both casual and business trips. It’s also reduced online from £60 to £42- you’re welcome lovelies! Thanks Ted! 

For the little princess: so we now have some cute little people in our family which I love!! Haven’t had any babes in the family for ages! So one of the little n’s had just turned 1 and for her birthday we bought this gorgeous little number from Next. Next have the best baby clothes and the prices are very reasonable for the quality they have. This little dress is pretty, sparkly, sparky and pretty! It’s fairy like and just super cute. It was just over £20 and a perfect number for attending her other 1 year old friends parties! 

Because handbags= life: so I love a good handbag and as I work for Heathrow Airport, I had the luxury of popping to the retail outlets in the terminals one day. I wanted a new handbag that was classy and that would match my new coat. Kurt Geiger had a sale on- KG do the best sales! I found a few that I liked but then they brought this one out and I was all ‘Hubba Hubba’, that’s was one beaut bag. So no surprise- that was my Christmas treat! Im the sale it was just under £90 and is nice and sturdy, has a lovely chain but for me I just love the colour and quaint little pattern on it. 

So there we have it! A few faves of mine. If you haven’t already noticed, there is a colour pattern here and that’s because u live for grey! It’s stylish, cosy and I just can’t help myself. ❤️

Go treat yourselves and share with me your fave purchases! 

All scribbled out- x

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