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Family is everything

Family is everything

Hello and happy Sunday!

Today’s post is all about Family. I was born up north in Chester but recently moved down South to live in Surrey with my other half and I often do feel homesick and find it tough. I absolutely love my life down here and I definitely made the right move however I feel like I’ve left half of me back up north. So a trip home every now and again is always a good thing. We speak each week on the phone and social media means they can keep updated with everything but going home and staying in your own bed, playing games with your family and fully catching up? There’s nothing better.

I’d had a few weeks of stressful work stuff happening. I love my job but as in most jobs, you have your tough weeks so the trip home came at the best time. It can take me anything from 3.5-5 hours to drive home depending on traffic and those ever so wonderful 50mph zones that we all just dread. When i get closer and see the signs for Cheshire Oaks, my satnav goes off and I just drive down the streets where my old school was and where I grew up. So many memories there and they all come back to me during visits back.

Seeing my family again is always emotional for me. I love their big bear hugs and I always try and catch one of our dog Jake however he now ignores me after I left all those years ago! He always comes around, after a few days! This particular visit was a week long which is a treat as I’m normally there for a long weekend. I had the chance to go on walks with my Mum and the dog, days out with my sister and cousins and catch up with my friends. One thing I find most grounding though, is going to see my Nan’s. Both my Nan’s are living alone after my Granddads died years ago. They are both doing amazingly well but it always hits home when I see them again because I often get so caught up in the buzz and business of living down South and often being near London that I can forget just how much they love to see me. They want to tell me everything and hear my stories and they often tell me how proud they are of me and how my Granddad’s would also be proud. This visit in particular has made me realise that a phone call to them every now and again would make their days and that I need to allow more time for this. As well as writing them letters, they love receiving letters.

I had a wonderful time catching up with my sister. We are so similar in some ways and so different in others. We went shopping to the Trafford Centre in Manchester and we have completely different styles but I love it. It means when we are shopping, we pick out things that the other might like and giggle at the outrageous things neither of us are brave enough to wear. We aren’t the make-up swapping gossipy types- we talk real life stuff. We find ourselves deep in debates or putting the world to rights and that’s what I love most. I often need to remind myself that although she will always be my little sister, she is no longer my baby sister. She doesn’t need the direction that I used to feel she did anymore, she knows what she wants and boy is she out to get it. She has a heart of gold and is motivated by something that we don’t see much in people anymore; helping people. Yes, we all like money but with my sister, she sees her life in a completely different way and for that I will always be proud of her.

Catching up with my brother is a pretty typical catch up for us both. His Autism often clouds and drives his thoughts meaning his conversations often start with ‘did you see the new rollercoaster at Alton Towers’ rather than the typical How are you? Who likes typical though hey? He wouldn’t be my brother if he was any different and I love him for exactly who he is.

My Mum is my gossip twin. When were together we are often catching up on news we’ve seen on Facebook or rumours she had heard in the town. I definitely get my nosiness and my people-watching addictions from her! We also have our heart to hearts and we pretend to want to be healthy but then pick up bags of minstrels when shopping in Morrisons. We are very similar in many ways and we had our fair share of arguments when I was younger but I miss her terribly and she’s the person I find hardest to say goodbye to.

My Dad is hilarious. Proper bad dad jokes, singing around the house and giving his family the love, support and advice that all families need. In fact, i’ve often been told by people within and outside my family that I’m lucky to have such a loving and supportive Mum and Dad. I couldn’t agree more. He lives round the corner from me down south so I get to see him quite a bit- when he retires though and moves back up north- i’ll really miss him. I’ll be very glad for him to be back with my Mum and sister though 🙂

Even just writing this out makes me think about just how much I love my family and how grateful I am for them. Family time is like therapy for me. Makes me appreciate them and reminds me who I am, where I came from and what I stand for. Makes me also wish my dog liked me more hahaha! Can’t have everything though 😉

So yes, spend time with your loved ones, ring your grandparents for a chat and appreciate them for who they are. You may not always agree on who’s winning on Monopoly but at least you have their love and time. Not everyone is as lucky.

Few photos below!

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