26 years old. Surrey. want to see the world. Love a good poem. Jaffa cakes are my thing. Food allergies make me sad. Family and my love are everything.

Family is everything ❤️

Family is everything ❤️

So this bank holiday weekend was a perfect excuse to go back up North and visit my family. I hadn’t been since February and I do miss them very much although I also love my life down south. The journey only took me 3.5 hours on the way there but I left super early at 7am so just whizzed straight through! There’s something about when I come off the motorway and see Cheshire oaks signs- I get that feeling, I’m home. 

I also used the excuse of being up north to get my hair done as it’s much cheaper up there and I can’t bare to pay the price of £150+ when I could just pay £50! See my last blog for how that experience went…! 

I was able to catch up with lots of my family; parents, siblings, cousins, aunties and most importantly my Nans. My Grandads have sadly died and passed a good time ago now so my Nans are on their own however they are the most inspirational people I know and I love seeing them. 

There’s something about sitting in your Nans living room and listening to stories about the war and how she was evacuated- I honestly get goosebumps. I also have realised recently just how much my Nans appreciate a phone call or a visit. We all live such fast paced lives nowadays however it’s super important to dedicate time to grandparents who would never normally moan about not seeing you, but you would make their week if you did! It’s something I want to focus on moving forward- regular phone calls and writing letters back and fourth.

I went out for many a meal this weekend with friends and family and I’m feeling it now! Need to lay off the heavy stuff for the new few weeks before my holiday! I honestly had the nicest time. Being around my family, catching up and us all giggling about past stories and planning future get togethers just leaves me in the best mood and so grateful for what I have. 

I will always have a connection to the North west of England and after the attacks last week, that only feels stronger as I’m so proud to be from Chester and so proud to have been brought up in an area of the country that has pulled together and spread love. 

I’ll leave you with this photo of my gorgeous little dog. He’s old now and hates a selfie but managed one this time! He’s a Wheaten Terrier and he may be 12 this year but he’s a puppy at heart. His cuddles are the best medicine and he is the best dog we could have wished for even if he is a pain at times! 

Don’t forget-family is everything. A phone call or a visit might make their day!

All scribbled out ❤️

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