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Beautiful Beautiful Bath

One of the things I really wanted to blog about was travelling because it’s something that I have been super passionate about for the last few years and I feel like my experiences are something I’d love to share. I actually travelled the world 2 years ago for a 4 month period so I’ll definitely be writing some bits about that soon- stay tuned! 

In June, I celebrated my 25th birthday. I know, I know- I don’t look it! Jokes, totally fighting the greys but that’s to be saved for a whole other post. So for my birthday, my lovely SO took me for a night in Bath because we had heard it was a lovely place to visit and I’m all about visiting places in the UK and celebrating what my country has to offer. Upon arriving in Bath , I fell in love with it straight away. It is so picturesque! 

We walked from our hotel (simple travelodge on the river which was just perfect for what we needed) up to the town centre. The architecture was beautiful- lots of white and cream walls and bricks and it was so well maintained. No rubbish, cleaner air and sometimes it’s just nice to get out of London! I looked up whilst walking down the high street and saw the most beautiful umbrellas hung up above us. Loads of colours and a great energy. 

Pretty Umbrellas

We took a visit to the Bath Spa which saw us take a trip back in history to Roman times and we even got to see the original architecture and baths used back then. The baths were pretty green and definitely not inviting as it is pretty much rain water and sludge but it didn’t take much effort to cast my mind back to how it would be in those days. What I loved about it was that it was open to everyone- yes you had to pay but if you had the money, they wouldn’t turn you away based on religion, race or for any other reason. Something I feel we could learn from nowadays. 

We finished the night by having a lush meal in Prezzo (thank you Prezzo for serving me yummy food that didn’t upset my allergies!) and then a walk around the city. I felt so happy there- it’s one of those places that has that feel to it. I’d love to live somewhere like that! Our walk back to the hotel gave me the opportunity to get this photo below- how gorgeous is this? 

Our last day was spent in the Therma Bath Spa. Rather than go to the super modern rooftop pool which I’m sure is amazing, we really fancied going back in time and picturing what it was like back then. We went to the Cross Bath which was just lush. It was so warm and cosy. Yes it’s pretty expensive for an hour or so in a small little bath but it’s also totally worth it because they only allow a small amount of people at one time so it doesn’t get too cramped but I would definitely recommend it in the week. A weekend would be rammed! 

The shops are cute, the people are nice and the scenery is just what I look for in a city! I love Bath! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t been or anyone who is visiting the UK- it shows a very different side to London. 

Ps: I love this blazer! (New look- perfect for those breezy summer days!)

Look out for my other travelling reviews! 

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