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Bathroom love ❤️🛁

Bathroom love ❤️🛁

Good evening and a happy Sunday to my lovely readers! 

I have lived in my new apartment (first home) for a few months now and I have loved decorating and styling it to our taste. Who knew buying for the home would feel so darn good?! I remember being dragged around stores by my mum and moaning for it to all be over and to be taken for a Mcflurry! I was a nice child though- promise! 

I’d seen on Pinterest some interesting storage ideas for my bathroom but if I’m completely honest, I’m pretty crap at being creative! I try but I’m sure a 2 year old could produce a bette creation than me! I’d searched through aisles upon aisles to find something cute and girly to store my little bits in- I hated hated hated having bottles, creams, tweezers and make up just lying around! I googled it endlessly but nothing came up! I visited my mother in law over this weekend- they live in Aylesbury which I love as a place! We went to a store called Homesense which I’d never heard of before but they said it was linked with TK Maxx? I’m not a fan of TK Maxx as the MOST random objects are just thrown around and I can never find anything I like! Homesense however was a beautiful store- the same concept as TK Maxx in the sense that once a product is gone, it probably won’t be back in. I wandered around and saw some lovely things for the house and then darted across to the bathroom section. They had some plain storage boxes which would have been fine so I picked them up but still was disappointed to not have found what I had in my head! Just as I was leaving the department, my head was turned by a little French word- le Bain. I love the French language as I studied it in uni- plus French makes everything super cute-right?! 

I found two beautiful storage baskets which I knew would fit perfectly on my shelf below our huge wall mirror. They were the only ones left and I left that little aladdins cave feeling super happy! Moral of this story? Don’t just buy the first thing you see, you never know what could be in the next shop! 

I styled it up with some little candles, a diffuser and some fragrance spray all from a lush Sanctuary bath set my mum bought me for Christmas! It looks so relaxing and calming in there now! I love making our place our own little home. Nothing like a bit of interior design for a cold Sunday afternoon.

Have a lovely evening! All scribbled out-x 

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