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Accessories chat ❤️

Accessories chat ❤️

Good evening! 

Tonight I wanted to write about accessories! I’m absolutely pants when it comes to them especially watches and jewellery. I own a lovely Links of London bracelet and some beautiful Pandora rings but I just forget to wear them and they sit in my jewellery box calling out for me to give them some air again. I’m even worse when it comes to watches- I actually love them but the past few I have broken very quickly by dropping them and once even sat on it and it broke! 😂 

A few weeks ago I knew I was ready to face the watch purchase again with the promise of actually looking after this one! I thought I’d use my blogger Instagram knowledge because I’d seen lovely ones with a company called Time Chain Official who sent me a beautiful watch. 

Recently I went shopping for watches- I’ve noticed watched are on a whole new level of bling. Crystals, shimmery metallics and huge faces have left me not knowing exactly what I didn’t want. I wanted something pretty but classic, that would go with most outfits rather than having to find an outfit to match your watch. I wanted something to compliment what I was wearing without attracting the attention of local crows looking for shiny stuff. 

The new watch I have is perfect. The gold dials and rim of the watch make me feel summery but I know I can use this one all year round. It’s elegant but not in your face and that’s just what I wanted! 

Think now it’s only fair that I get my rings and bracelets back out as my hands and arms have been too naked for too long! 

What do you look for in a watch? And are you big on accessories or just like the simple life? 

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