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A poem for Donald Trump āœŒšŸ»āœŒšŸ¼āœŒšŸ½āœŒšŸ¾āœŒšŸæ

A poem for Donald Trump āœŒšŸ»āœŒšŸ¼āœŒšŸ½āœŒšŸ¾āœŒšŸæ

So over the past few months, I have sat and watched the news at home, read it at work and listened intently to the radio whilst driving. To say things have changed recently in the political world is a huge understatement. I’m the kind of person that can listen to the news but then can’t switch off- it gets me thinking. I am against Donald Trump and I couldn’t be more clearer on that. I think the decisions he has made over the past few days have been worrying ones for both the United States of America but also for the rest of the world. I could have sat here and ranted on about my views for hours on end but I knew that wouldn’t make me feel any better so I decided to write a poem. Poetry always helps me to relax, think of the bigger picture and can often empower my thoughts. 

You may agree or disagree with what’s been put in the poem but I think my aim was to highlight just a few of the issues currently being felt around the world that sadly won’t improve with President Trump being in power. Please feel free to comment below- I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. 


There you stand, with your emotionless glare,

A man of anger, a lack of care

You’ll make decisions without thinking them through 

But that’s all fine Trump, this won’t affect you. 
There she stands, a young woman in despair 

You’ve made her decision for her- the baby she must bear

Her body, her rights, her choices controlled 

Her story now taboo, no reason to be told
There he stands, a broken man of war, 

All his strength devoted to the family he fought for, 

They sadly didn’t make it, but their spirits live on in him,

But he now faces even more challenges-because he’s Muslim. 
He’d heard the land of the free, he dreamed the land of the brave, 

But the news was now reporting of President Trumps new brain wave,

To shut off all the borders to those he deemed unsafe, 

But this man was one a majority, a good man tarred by his faith 
There she stands, an old lady who aches and aches inside 

Her family whom she longs for, is on the other side

Her last days are upon her, her final curtain call

Her family without her, grieving behind a wall 
Here we stand, the rest of the world looking on by, 

Many support it but the majority ask why? 

Why your rights are all dependent on the place where you were born, 

Why families are ripped apart, and many countries war torn
The lottery of life is all so evident today,

But you cannot just sit back and let him have his way, 

We need to stand strong and exercise our right

Because our voices are stronger together, because we have to win this fight 


All Scribbled Out-x


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