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A homeowners tale 

This blog is going to start just how my others did… Hasn’t it been ages since I last wrote my last post. Urge I could kick myself because I love writing but I’ve just been the busiest bee! So I have some exciting news-I am now a homeowner! Yes, me and my other half have taken the plunge and bought our first place together after many a year of long distance relationship-ping. It’s been a tough few months but exciting at the same time. My whole life has changed dramatically and I definitely wasn’t prepared for it. I have new priorities, new responsibilities but I am also making new memories and that has to be one of the most special of all. So.. This blog is dedicated to those about to move into a new place. What to expect when you’re expecting but minus the babies and with a few pieces of DIY IKEA furniture thrown in! 

1.) Money! You’re not going to have much left. Let’s get that out of the way! Deposit for your own place + solicitor fees = looking at asos but not being able to impulse buy like you used to. The fees they slam on you are just ridiculous so make sure you’re over budgeting just in case! Plus furniture is super expensive- WHY DO COFFEE TABLES COST SO MUCH? 

2.) Your new housie! So if you’re moving in with your much loved other half and if you haven’t lived together before then be prepared to learn a whole new load of things about them. I have been with my man for 7 years and thought I knew all there was to know about him. Every time people told me that awfully annoying phrase..’you don’t know someone properly till you have loved with them’- so bloody annoying! Turns out, those people (mainly my parents and nan!) were bang on with this. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change him or our place for the world (maybe I’d add a pool but wouldn’t we all?) but he is definitely more tidy and organised than I ever thought. Yes this is a good thing but when I want to chill in front of the tele and he is writing arm length to do lists I just want to hide in my bed! Bless him- he makes me the best I can be and I still moan! I am a lazy monkey though. 

3.) I’m just a clean machine (sang in a girls aloud voice)! WHY? Why doesn’t my place stay clean? I spend so much time cleaning and then dust just appears out of nowhere. Nowhere!!!!!! Our main bathroom is all white though- silly mistake. I hate hair as well. I know its natural to lose some hair but come on- where do those little buggers hide and then jump out from when you have just cleaned the whole place down? My piece of advice? Get a steamy mop! Ill be doing a review shortly so will show you mine- what a genius invention that bad boy is. 

4.) Bills! This one isn’t so bad. My man is super organised and super good at budgeting which means that we have all our bills coming out at similar times and at good rates. Just be prepared to budget for them when you’re picking this size of your mortgage- they guzzle up your pennies like a Diesel engine.  My favourite thing is the food shop though- we work as a team to fight the other customers for the last donuts and to have our bags all packed and scanned ready to pay (thank you Tesco for that genius invention).

5.) Interior Design! Didn’t think he would care. Didn’t think he would look twice at the kettles, rugs or bed spreads! Boy was I wrong- he loves it! He loves picking out things for the apartment- this means I have had to compromise on some girly things which now look more boyish but hey- we built our home up together and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The summary of this tale? Yes it will be expensive, chaotic and a whirlwind of legal jargon and voicemails for arrogant estate agents but what an adventure it will be. Your new home whether it’s your first, your third or your forever home- well it should be enjoyed and filled with happiness and love. And maybe some donuts for the boy. And some Jaffa cakes for me… 

I look forward to posting some bits soon about furniture, interior design and some reviews on house stuff! 

For now though- All scribbled out! X

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