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5 Reasons Why You Should Clothes Swap!

5 Reasons Why You Should Clothes Swap!

So recently, I’ve done a bit of clothes swapping. It hasn’t necessarily been swapping one item for another but more just seeing who may like some of the clothes I would normally be throwing away or giving to charity shops. I always try and give to charity shops however when some things are just worn out, I know they wouldn’t be able to resell.  After moving last year, I had a good sort out and gave my partners auntie some of my old summer dresses- she loves them! It’s so nice to see them on her and recently, my mum gave me some tops that no longer fit her and I love them! 

So here’s 5 reasons why I think you should clothes swap! 

  1. Its Free!   We spend so much money on clothes and as much as I love to pop around my local shops or have a mooch on my favourite websites, you get a new piece of clothing (new to you) for free and what’s bad about that? 
  2. It may not be your style, but may be theirs! Just because you’re fed up of that old shirt, doesn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t love it to match their new jeans! 
  3. You could do a clothes swapping night! Why not make it fun and make a night of it? Have the girls around, have a takeaway, some cocktails and try on what you think you’d like to swap. Clothes swapping can be fun! 
  4. Nobody else knows! You may know it’s been clothes swapped, but nobody else will know. So when you get compliments on your new dress, you can be proud to know its a complete bargain! 
  5. You can make other feel great too! My auntie loves her new dresses and I love to see her pictures of when she has been out wearing them. It’s a nice feeling to give to others ๐Ÿ™ƒ 

My mum gave me this lovely stripey top from Next that didn’t fit her anymore. She’d only worn it a few times and didn’t want it anymore. I love it! It’s got a little elasticy bit at the back to stop it rising up and a cute little tie at the front that makes it feel really summery. Planning on wearing it with jeans like I have done here or with a cute pair of little denim shorts. 

Do you guys clothes swap much? What is your favourite item you own from clothes swapping? 

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