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The Liebster Award ⭐️

The Liebster Award ⭐️

Hello you lovely lot! So I’ve been nominated by Oneweeblether (go, check her out- her blog is lush!) to complete this list of questions with the aim of getting to know other bloggers! Thank you for my nomination and I loved reading your answers- I’ll be checking out your Dubai blog after this! So this is all in the name of the Leibster Award- exciting as I love discovering new bloggers! 

The rules are:

•Answer the questions you were asked

•Tag 11 people who have under 200 twitter followers

•Create 11 new questions

•Recognize who tagged you! 

So let’s get down to business! 

1. Dressing gown or housecoat?

Dressing gown always! It’s my comfort blanket really! My boyfriend bought me the softest dressing gown for Christmas from Debenhams and it’s just a dream! 

2. What’s your favourite country? 

I get asked this a lot and I always struggle to answer but I think I’d have to say Australia! The people are just wonderful and there is just something for everyone out there; wildlife, beaches, cities, natural parks, sunshine and NEIGHBOURS! 
3. What’s your favourite movie?

Sounds so lame but princess diaries! It was one of the first films I saw with a friend when I was younger and I just felt this feeling of empowerment and confidence when I walked out the cinema. It’s also such an easy movie to watch and I love Anne Hathaway. 

4. Night in a with a movie or night out at the cinema?

Honestly, I’m not huge into films. I watch them and enjoy them but I guess a night in with added takeaway and sweets would be perfect. I’d put on the Harry Potter films and get lost in a world we all wish was real!

5. You’re favorite song of all time?

This is so hard. Mardy bum- arctic monkeys?! This will change in 5 mins I guarantee you! 
6. Do you plan everything or just do it spontaneously?

Oh, I’m a planner. I love when things happen spontaneously however if you were to look at my calendar, my weekends are booked up for the next two months. I like to know what I’m doing so I can prepare for it and look forward to it. 

7. Who (or what) inspired you to start blogging?

I guess inspired myself? I just told myself to do what you love and write. But other bloggers and Twitter chats have inspired me to keep going with it and learning new tips etc. 
8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

In terms of my personal life, I would love to have a baby in the next 5 years but in terms of my blogging life, I guess have a following of bloggers who enjoy reading my blogs and attending blogging events and building up a network of friends from it.
9. If money was no object, what would you do?

Help others as much as possible. There’s no two ways about it! 
10. What’s your ‘go to’ comfort food?

I mean, I love a Jaffa cake! Anything chocolatey really but I never feel good for it afterwards and yet I never learn! 
11. You’re favourite colour?

Greens and blues! But I also love grey when it comes to home furnishings! 😍

Thanks so much for my nomination! 

Now I nominate:

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  11. @kellyreportblog- http://kellydianereport.blogspot.co.uk/

*nominess had 200 or less followers at time of writing- amended this slightly as some of you had just slightly over!* 
Now for the questions:

  1. 1. Your favourite animal and why?
  2. Who is your favourite blogger? 
  3. If you could pick between a lifetime of free cake or prosecco- which would you pick?
  4. Which charity means the most to you?
  5. If you could improve on something, what would it be?
  6. Is your belly button an innie or an outie? (😂)
  7. What has been your biggest blogging challenge so far?
  8. Are you a beach or a pool person?
  9. Your favourite thing to blog about?
  10. What’s the most important thing to you in life? 
  11. What’s your signature dish when cooking for people? 

Tag me in your responses so I can see! 

All scribbled out ❤️

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