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10 Reasons why you should travel..🌎🛫

10 Reasons why you should travel..🌎🛫

So I completely understand that not everyone is in a position to travel the world- everyone has lives that revolve around a lot of responsibility however your time to travel arise itself as an opportunity at any stage of your life. For some, it will be an adventure after education and before entering the world of work. For others, it may be a career break and for many it could be during retirement when the world is your oyster. 

This post applies to everyone no matter what age or life stage you may be at. I wanted to write about why you should travel. Whether it’s through regular holidays, a few destinations during one break or whether it’s a big chunk of time spent jetsetting across the world- travelling is just the perfect medicine. 

1.) It’s good for the soul..

I’m a big fan of the phrase ‘you can never stop learning’ and this is definitely the case when exploring a new town, city or country. Learning about the history of a place and taking the time to understand their culture, values and people just gives you an amazing feeling. It allows you to escape from the daily bubble we all get caught up in through work and family routines and to really understand how other people live and what their lives may be like. For me, I really felt this in places like Vietnam and Cambodia where it’s a different pace of life and where the people have a complete different outlook on life. It’s very refreshing! 

2.) Meeting new people..

When travelling to new places, you have the opportunity to meet new people. This can be a mixture of locals who live in the place you’re visiting but also other tourists who like you have travelled to learn about this new place. Speak to them, see where they’re from, ask about their stories. I often felt a sense of pride when talking to other people as they would compliment the UK and say how lovely they thought it was or often people said they would love to visit there. Great places to meet people are on the beaches, on trips and tours and within all the major tourist spots. I find you often get great tips when speaking to others too! 

3.) For the animal lovers out there…

So I know not everyone is a massive animal lover however I really am and I felt so lucky to have some wonderful experiences when travelling and came into close contact with animals that I definitely wouldn’t see in the UK. Asia, Australia and New Zealand were perfect for this kind of thing and it’s so much fun to see kangaroos in Oz and kiwis in NZ. Animals you just wouldn’t see in the UK- really embrace this opportunity if you’re like me and think your Doctor Doolittle! 

4.) Mental Health and Wellbeing..

Everyone is completely different and that’s what is so great about the world. For me, travelling was like the best medicine- I felt the best I have ever felt and there no side effects apart from maybe a little sunburn! I’m quite an anxious person and can often put a lot of pressure on myself making me focus on my own little bubble and nothing else. Travelling the world, seeing amazing things, being close to nature and having that time to reflect made me feel wonderful. We travelled to a lot of sunny places which made me feel good as I was getting lots of Vitamin D but that time out was a healer for my brain and my soul.

5.) Weight Loss..!

So I wasn’t in the best of shape as I set off on my travels and had lots of lumps and bumps I was trying to hide with baggy t-shirts. That really didn’t take long to change! Before I knew it, I was walking across cities from landmark to landmark, climbing mountains and drinking so so much water to cope with the heat. After travelling across a very humid Asia for our first month, I’d noticed the sweat filled clothes (gross, I know!) I had been wearing became loose and baggy and my fitness levels were in good form. Half way in, I could see a dramatic change and I felt great. So much better than being stuck in a gym! 

6.) Healthy skin..

Similarly to the above,exposure to sunlight and drinking lots of water left my skin in great condition- when I arrived back in the UK I didn’t wear make up for ages! Of course you need to protect your skin with sun cream, take precautions about not being in the sun too long and moisturise like crazy! Also need to keep your hair protected as the sun can really dry that baby up!

7.) Face your fears..

I’m not a huge fan on heights but managed to not let that get in the way of my experiences however I am absolutely  petrified of the Ocean. Deep water, the unknown and my not so great swimming skills managed to freak me out a number of times however on one occasion I went for it! I zipped up my wetsuit and slid off the boat into what I felt was choppy water and I swam with dolphins in Akaroa, New Zealand. I felt on top of the world and I honestly feel that travelling allows you to have these amazing experiences and conquer fears whilst doing it.  

8.) It doesn’t have to be abroad..

Everyone seems to assume that travelling means boarding a plane and jetsetting across the world- it doesn’t have to be that extreme! You can travel across your own country and it can be just as fun! Last year I went to Stonehenge for the weekend and also took a cheeky weekend trip to Bath. Both places had so much character and I loved learning about the history there and exploring what each had to offer. 

9.) Feeling grateful..

I definitely think travelling allows you to reflect on what you have and how good your life actually is. It’s so easy to be wrapped up in the daily life that you can often forget how others may not be as fortunate or not live in the safest of places. When I visited Christchurch, NZ I could not believe how much devastation there was caused by an earthquake. Living in the UK, earthquakes and natural disasters aren’t usually a worry or even on my radar so I think travelling opens up your eyes to what’s happening in the rest of the world.

10.) Creating the best memories..

Coming back home can often be tough however there is nothing more pleasurable to look back at your photos and retell all your adventure stories to your family and friends. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be told to be quiet after talking non-stop about the whole experience! 

There’s a whole world out there- time to go explore ❤️🌎

All scribbled out❤️

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