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Hotel Review: Sandhotel, Reykjavik

Hotel Review: Sandhotel, Reykjavik

If there’s one thing I rely heavily on when booking a holiday or even just a hotel stay for a night, its an honest review. Hotels are expensive and even some of the most basic hotels now seem to be charging a hefty amount for a night so its important to find the right one that will make your stay just that little bit better. I find Tripadvisor really helpful as well as reviews on sites like Expedia, Booking.com etc but I find blog posts to be just as helpful and maybe a little more insightful.


Sandhotel is based on Reykjavik’s main and busiest street Laugavegur and it’s the street you should be staying on if you’re looking for quick access to bus stops, tours, restaurants, bars- basically everything is on your doorstep so already, it ticks one of the biggest boxes when I’m doing a travel search- Location. 

The cathedral is approx 5 minutes walk away and so is the Bonus supermarket which is where you’ll find all your essentials for your stay such as water, sandwiches, snacks etc- Bonus is reasonable for Reykjavik however please bare in mind that almost everything in Iceland is expensive anyway!

The Hotel

For me, Sandhotel ticked all my boxes. The two main things I look for in a hotel are cleanliness and design. Cleanliness because obviously I’m paying to stay there and I want to feel comfortable and not be in anyone else’s muck. Design because I love to take ideas from what they have done and bring it back with me for my own house- plus if there design matches their culture then it’s an even better experience. Sandhotel did this and more. The hotel was spotless- they were economic and you don’t have to have new towels and bedsheets but they are spotless if you do. The bathroom was shiny and didn’t have any water marks which shows me that the cleaners work really hard to ensure its kept looking brand new. The bed was big, super comfy and had the fluffiest bed cover which kept me warm after being out all day in the Icelandic weather.

The design was Scandinavian through and through and I loved every single piece of decor throughout the whole hotel- I was so sad to leave! The room had a little retro radio and was neutral and grey all at the same time. It’s my ideal type of room for a city break and I couldn’t stop taking pictures!


  • We were given a smartphone to use during our stay! This was for any calls we needed to make to our tour companies or if we needed GPS etc! How amazing is that? We could take the phone out with us and all we had to do was hand it back in at checkout. I loved this extra feature of the hotel- something I haven’t seen before but massively appreciated.
  • We had a little Marshall Amp in the room that I think may have been like a little radio? God knows but it was cute, retro-y and made me happy!
  • As part of the bathroom, we had shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and moisturiser. Most hotels I go to do this but they are not great quality so I use my own however they used a company called Soley which had the most beautiful natural smell to it and was lovely on my hair and skin. This is always a big plus! You can even buy these products from reception!
  • A lovely restaurant and bakery either side of the hotel which looked beautiful- a little pricey for our budget but they both have great reviews and I’d definitely visit if I went back.

Customer Service

I hate those people who expect to be given a room before the check-in time- of course, its fine to ask if the room is ready but I would never expect it if I have paid for a night knowing what time the room will be ready. Once we reached reception, the host was extremely friendly and booked us straight into our room! We were there approx 4 hours early and having the chance to drop our bags off, refresh after a flight and just get our bearings was a beautiful thing!

Each day, if we had any questions or issues then the customer service desk was extremely helpful and they also looked so professional. Their uniform even seemed to match the decor which I don’t think anyone looks for in a hotel but I thought it was a lovely added touch.


Iceland is pricey- yes? We all know this. So when booking a hotel I was slightly worried that our budget would land us somewhere old fashioned and maybe not even clean. How wrong I was! For two people staying three nights, we paid approx £350 total and for taking all the above into account, I felt it was really worth it.

Would I recommend Sandhotel? Yes, absolutely. I couldn’t fault the hotel and if I were returning, I wouldn’t look anywhere else. Thank you for our wonderful stay. I booked with Expedia who are my faves for booking any trips!

Want to see more? Follow what they’re up to on their Instagram!

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