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Exploring London 

Exploring London 

I don’t live in London, I live in Surrey but it takes minimal time to get into London which is perfect for me! I’ve lived down south for almost two years now but with the majority of my first year spent searching for a place to buy and then spending lots of time putting together my new home, I never really had the chance.
Now the home is all sorted, I have more weekends free to spend in London and have really enjoyed visiting new restaurants and exploring the nooks and crannies that London has to offer. After speaking to someone at work, I was told that I hadn’t seen the true London unless I’d been to Camden Market and with my friend coming down for the weekend, I took that opportunity to take a visit. 
First we went to The Alchemist for some lunch and cocktails. I had never been to The Alchemist before but have lots of friends who had and after seeing their amazing concoction of cocktails, I knew I had to try! We got off the tube at Liverpool Street and walked a few minutes till we found it. The restaurant was beautiful! Loads bigger than I thought it would be- there were fairy lights on the window, lots of smoke and fun stuff coming from the bar. We were seated to our table and the staff were super friendly which for me, makes it so much better and makes me want to return! 

The cocktail menu was lengthy! And in a good way! So many options- lots of cocktails for spirit lovers, loads of fruity cocktails, sharing cocktails and then I came across the one I knew I had to try- The Colour Changing One! I mean, how can you not see a cocktail change colour! We picked our food and our lovely waitress brought me over the allergy menu which always makes me feel better. I picked a southern fried chicken style wrap which was bursting with gorgeous coleslaw and the fries were just beautiful! My friend had a crab taco which she said was amazing too! 

When our cocktails came over, mine had dry ice inside as well as two sciencey test tubes that I had to pour in one by one. The first liquid made it go all smoky and steamy, and the second turned the colour to a beautiful purple! It was the most fun I’d had with cocktails and I wanted to try them all. After finishing our beautiful food, we immediately went back to the cocktail menu for seconds. I opted for a bubblegum daiquiri which was just to die for. Super sweet and refreshing! 

I’ll definitely be paying the Alchemist a trip again- it was such a lovely meal and perfect for a catch up with your girlfriends. Also really reasonably priced for London as I paid £28 for lunch and two very unique cocktails so all in all, a wonderful trip! 

We then trekked across to Camden Market- now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the quirkiest or most outgoing person out there. However I do love to visit these types of places and explore! When we got to Camden Town, I couldn’t quite believe how many market stalls there were and there were just absolutely loads of crap being sold! I had a feeling that this wasn’t what we came here for so we headed up the road towards the bridge and then we came across the real Camden market which was a massive relief! 

Camden lock which borders the market is just beautiful. If you go on a summers day, you’ll see the greenest of trees hanging over the lock full of canal boats and people relaxing and catching the Rays. We wandered through the market stalls; leather, jewellery, gothic clothing, handmade goods- you name it, it was there. I picked up a beautifully crafted candle in the shape of a flower for my Nan who just loves handmade things and I also picked up a Nintendo picture for my brother who loves anything gaming! 

We ventured out into the open that was filled with the most amazing street foods, smoothies and juices. The sunshine brought the crowds in and it was very busy but the whole place had a great vibe! ❤️ 
Few more photos below..! 

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  • Hey Sophie! I’m liking this new set up for your site, have you moved to self hosted??
    Also, I would love to visit London some day, it’s cool that you’re able to go and visit 😀

    • Hello my lovely! Thanks for your comment and for noticing. Yes, I have moved to my own domain which felt rather strange but so far so good. If you ever do visit then let me know and we can meet up for a blogger brunch! X

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