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Dreamy Dubronik & Calming Cavtat

Dreamy Dubronik & Calming Cavtat

Thought I’d share a little more about my holiday with you all. The past few days have been so perfect that I actually started panicking about how many days I had left and that I’d soon be coming home- sign of a good holiday I think. 

I’ve also come to the realisation that blogging next to the pool and basking in the sunshine is probably the way forward. What a beaut what to blog.

The past couple of days we have spent between Dubrovnik and Cavtat. We are staying in Cavtat and I can honestly tell you that it’s one of the most relaxing places. Everyone is just at ease and oh so friendly which for me, really makes a place. We have had a stroll around the little shops and restaurants that make up the liveliness of Cavtat and we have sat on the loungers on the bay and taken in the beautiful views. The water was super cold but so refreshing in the heat. 

Cavtat is the perfect place to relax but not for those wanting a sandy beach. Croatia’s coastline is more rocky and pebbly but the water is stunning. If you’re a sunbather who wants to relax and stroll around for some great food and cocktails then this is the place for you. Not LOTS of children around but seen a few enjoying the sea  through snorkelling etc.

It’s Croatias history that amazes me. Maybe because during school we learnt about the First and Second World War etc, but I had no idea of the damage and devastation caused by Montenegro here. You can’t tell too much as they have just rebuilt buildings however there aren’t many communist buildings left to see nowadays and I think democracy has treated them well. The Croatian’s certainly seem happy! Few photos below 📸


We have only spent a day in Dubrovnik. Mainly as this holiday was just to lay around the pool and to completely relax however I can see us coming back and staying there also. We got the boat from Cavtat bay with a company called Vivado (tickets were 100Kuna pp return and bookable through most hotels or through stands on the bay. It took about 40 minutes to get there however with the views we had, we really didn’t mind! 

We arrived at the port in Dubrovnik and the heat hit us- it was going to be a hot day! I could straight away spot the city walls which are a huge attraction for many tourists. We wandered up and down the spotlessly clean streets that were glistening in the sun and nosied at the people sipping cocktails  in the many restaurants that surrounded us. We found a tourist shop where we picked up a map and headed off to view some Game of Thrones sights. It may shock you and I do often get strange looks when I say that I don’t watch game of thrones! Just not what I’m about but my boyfriend does and was eager to see the sights so we located them on our map and climbed the hundreds of stairs that led us to the MOST beautiful views. The city is made up of windy little alleyways filled with cafes, restaurants and shops with handmade goods. It has that European feel to it that I love so much. Dubrovnik is a huge attraction for many tourists and I’d seen a few tourist shops that had naturally popped up as a result of this however I hope they keep the Croatian feel to it because it truly would be spoilt if lots more popped up. 

We walked the cute little streets and got some food and drinks and we just took it all in. I would definitely recommend visiting there if you can. I know we will be back in the future! 

All Scribbled Out ❤️

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