Why I took a break from blogging.. 

A few weeks ago, I’d had enough. I’d lost all motivation and was super frustrated about what I’d seen on Twitter that evening. I want to write about it today- not negatively to or about anyone, but just as a way to express it and then move on to enjoying writing again.  A few weekends ago, I’d spent an evening…

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The Liebster Award ⭐️

Hello you lovely lot! So I’ve been nominated by Oneweeblether (go, check her out- her blog is lush!) to complete this list of questions with the aim of getting to know other bloggers! Thank you for my nomination and I loved reading your answers- I’ll be checking out your Dubai blog after this! So this is all in the name of…

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Instagram Feels 🙋🏻

Good evening guys!  I have just had a wonderful evening on Twitter with some fellow bloggers on the #GRLPOWR blog chat which I highly recommend. This time we spoke about all things Disney and we got all excited.. I mean who doesn’t love Disney!  On that note, I wanted to share with you my Instagram page with the hope that…

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