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Fast Play VS. Teddy Velvet ❤️

Fast Play VS. Teddy Velvet ❤️

It doesn’t matter how much I try different lipsticks, I just can’t beat MAC. I know everyone is different in what they look for in a lipstick however after having tried many brands, they left me with dry lips and faded within an hour or […]

REWIEW: ASOS Tall- the game changer 

I haven’t always been tall. As I write this I am laughing at how stupid that sounds. When I was younger, around primary school age, I was actually quite small! I remember standing next to my cousins who are off similar age and wishing I […]

Beautiful Beautiful Bath

One of the things I really wanted to blog about was travelling because it’s something that I have been super passionate about for the last few years and I feel like my experiences are something I’d love to share. I actually travelled the world 2 […]