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Go make your own sandwich

I was at a conference this week for work and there were a number of speeches but one really got me engaged and has left me thinking ever since. The talk was about perception of women and in particular, when it comes to recruiting women to join the army. A female Officer stood in front of the crowd and delivered…

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Sunshine and crumpets 💕

Don’t we all just love a Saturday morning? A relaxing lie in and knowing that we still have the rest of the day and then Sunday to enjoy before Sunday evening fear kicks in and we are back off to work. Well my Saturday morning was just lush. I woke up and rolled over to see the face of my…

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Happy Stories

Kindness- a rare thing?

So this is my first post. Maybe a little bit heavy for my first one but why not get all those thoughts out right? So last week at work, my colleague (a lady I haven’t known for very long) came up to me and presented me with a beautiful candle that had my name on it. I was completely taken…

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