26 years old. Surrey. want to see the world. Love a good poem. Jaffa cakes are my thing. Food allergies make me sad. Family and my love are everything.

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Beautiful Beautiful Bath

One of the things I really wanted to blog about was travelling because it’s something that I have been super passionate about for the last few years and I feel like my experiences are something I’d love to share. I actually travelled the world 2 […]

The Chanel effect 

I’ve never really been one to wear red lipstick because I’ve never been able to apply it properly and a red lipstick is one you need to make perfect. Unlike a pretty pink, red shows your true skill. Also, my lips aren’t even and with […]

You’re my inspiration!

Whenever I was younger, I was asked questions in school that made me think about those I looked up to. Who is your inspiration? Who would be your heroine if you wrote a storybook? Who do you want to be like?  During my younger days, […]

Simple but Spicy Stir Fry

I’m not the best of cooks. In fact, I’m not even sure putting food into an oven really equates to being a cook but anyways.. I try my best! Recently my new two favourite things are egg noodles and prawns- I’m obsessed.  So I’ve thrown […]