26 years old. Surrey. want to see the world. Love a good poem. Jaffa cakes are my thing. Food allergies make me sad. Family and my love are everything.

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A poem for Donald Trump ✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿

A poem for Donald Trump ✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿

So over the past few months, I have sat and watched the news at home, read it at work and listened intently to the radio whilst driving. To say things have changed recently in the political world is a huge understatement. I’m the kind of […]

Bathroom love ❤️🛁

Bathroom love ❤️🛁

Good evening and a happy Sunday to my lovely readers!  I have lived in my new apartment (first home) for a few months now and I have loved decorating and styling it to our taste. Who knew buying for the home would feel so darn […]

Fave buys of 2016 ❤️

Fave buys of 2016 ❤️

Hello and a happy Saturday to you all!  I wanted to pop down some of my fave buys from the last year- mainly the last few months and share them with you. I do love a good shopping trip but nothing beats it when you […]

New Year, New Plans, Same me

Good evening and a big Happy New Year!  New Years resolutions? To write more on this blog- this time, I’m going to stick to it!  So I can’t quite believe we are in 2017 but this year feels more exciting, positive and hopeful than the […]

A homeowners tale 

This blog is going to start just how my others did… Hasn’t it been ages since I last wrote my last post. Urge I could kick myself because I love writing but I’ve just been the busiest bee! So I have some exciting news-I am […]

REWIEW: ASOS Tall- the game changer 

I haven’t always been tall. As I write this I am laughing at how stupid that sounds. When I was younger, around primary school age, I was actually quite small! I remember standing next to my cousins who are off similar age and wishing I […]

Beautiful Beautiful Bath

One of the things I really wanted to blog about was travelling because it’s something that I have been super passionate about for the last few years and I feel like my experiences are something I’d love to share. I actually travelled the world 2 […]

You’re my inspiration!

Whenever I was younger, I was asked questions in school that made me think about those I looked up to. Who is your inspiration? Who would be your heroine if you wrote a storybook? Who do you want to be like?  During my younger days, […]

Oops I did it again! 

You may realise that I have made a reference to good old Britney Spears on the title of this blog and may be wondering why. I’m so annoyed at myself! I wanted to keep up with my blog posts but it’s been 34 days since […]

It’s been a while.. 

I did what I said I wouldn’t do and I haven’t given myself enough time to sit down and write a post! The whole point of this blog was to use it as not only a therapeutic tool but also to enjoy getting back into […]