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Go make your own sandwich

I was at a conference this week for work and there were a number of speeches but one really got me engaged and has left me thinking ever since. The talk was about perception of women and in particular, when it comes to recruiting women to join the army. A female Officer stood in front of the crowd and delivered…

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The backpack life 

I remember the first day I saw someone wearing a backpack and bringing the trend back into our lives! I was in a bar and a girl I knew was wearing the cutest outfit and had a lightweight black leather backpack on and she was rocking the look! ‘Nope, I’d never pull that off’ I remember thinking to myself and…

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Ring a ding ding!

So I think we are all in a little used to taking our rings off and just throwing them here and there- well at least I am anyway! I actually have only had my rings for a couple of years now as I never used to wear them but all in one go, I was bought three beautiful rings and…

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Why I took a break from blogging.. 

A few weeks ago, I’d had enough. I’d lost all motivation and was super frustrated about what I’d seen on Twitter that evening. I want to write about it today- not negatively to or about anyone, but just as a way to express it and then move on to enjoying writing again.  A few weekends ago, I’d spent an evening…

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Foundation Talk!

I’ve had a bit of a makeup hail recently (when do I not!) but to me a makeup haul is probably very minimum to what some of you buy! I’ve seen some of your make up bags and I can only dream about having that much. To be honest, I don’t wear much make up- I’d probably cover just the…

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