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Book Review: Am I Normal Yet?

I’m a big fan of reading- once i’m swept up in a good book, it’s all I think about for days. But there are some books that stay with you for longer whether it be just because it’s a great book or maybe because it pulls on your heart strings. This book was called ‘Am I Normal Yet’ and it…

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30 Day Step Challenge

We all have those moments where we go to try on a new outfit or happen to reach up to grab something and we see our muffin tops have increased in size. Ironically enough, it makes you want to cry into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s (or at least a lacto-free ice cream for me). More recently, I have…

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The Allergy Show Review! 

Good evening to my lovely blog readers!  It’s raining and I’m wrapped up in my apartment with my dressing gown on feeling super cosy and ready to get my blog on ❤️  I visited the Allergy & Free from show a few weeks ago and left with lots of goodies! Whilst I didn’t find the event particularly helpful for my…

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Get to know: The Allergy Chef 

Hello and Happy Friday!  I’m super excited to start my new feature on my blog which is called ‘Get to know’. I have loved spending the past few months learning about amazing brands, some more built up and some start up companies. I think it’s best that we can use social media to help grow businesses however that only comes…

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Competition time! 🍾😘

Hello you lovely lot.  Time for a competition me thinks. I have recently been using my Worklife Balance Planner to organise my blogging life, my work life AND my personal life. Wooh, sounds exhausting right? Nope! Not with this beaut planner, makes my life so much easier.  So I wanted to share it with you and give you the opportunity…

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