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Those little things ❤️

Those little things ❤️

I’ve been with my boyfriend for what will be 8 years in November. We met during the first weeks of University, caught each other’s eyes, had our first kiss whilst watching the the film ‘Elf’ and the rest is history. 

We got through the dramas of university with every other person having their opinion on our relationship and the spouts of jealousy within clubs. Okay so the jealousy was normally from my side and I was very young! We also kept things going through years of long distance. Late night phone calls, weekend trips to see each other, making plans for the summer but having to say goodbye hundreds of times when all I wanted to do was stay with him. 

We have travelled the world, bought our first home together and we are living a lovely life with each other. Sounds dreamy hey? Do you know what comes with 8 years of being together? Arguments. Lots of arguments, stress and winding each other up no end. But that’s what makes us real. So many couples break up nowadays and with some, I question whether they work at their relationship or not. Whether it’s just thrown away at the first sign of trouble because it’s hard work to keep one going. Hard work that is so worth it and only feels like hard work during the low times but feels magical during the highs. 

We are not a couple that spoils eachother with expensive gifts because we can’t afford to! But also because that doesn’t matter to me. It honestly is the little things that make me swoon. The day he got up early and replaced my hot water bottles in the bed because he knew I wasn’t feeling well. When he holds my hand on an airplane because I’m scared of taking off and landing. When he picked me up and spun me around when I got my first graduate job and when he beamed with pride. When we sat on the back of the coach in Vietnam listening to our favourite song and he held my hand. 

I know that may sound super cheesy and honestly I’m not usually like this but today he surprised me when I walked out of work. He is normally at home by the time I leave but had stood in the blaring heat for 40 mins waiting for me and I was met with his lovely grin as he handed me a single rose. It’s not something he’d do often and I would never expect it that way but that’s what makes it so special and that’s why I wanted to write about the little things. 

Whether it’s your other half, your friend or your family- the little things can mean the world to them ❤️

Who said romance was dead hey?! 

All scribbled out ❤️

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